Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another post my family shouldn't read

Seriously. If you're related to me or don't care to read posts that have an "adult" theme, please take my advice and don't read further. I don't intend to shock anyone who doesn't want to be. Come back tomorrow if you like, becasue it will be Friday and that's headline day, which is totally family friendly!

(Are they gone?)

OK, here's the deal, all the rest of y'all that are left. For some reason the phrase "brain porn" is circulating in my consciousness right now.

Brain porn.


Is that somehow different from REGULAR porn? Using my powers of roundabout logic, I submit that it is not, for isn't ALL porn designed to tickle the limbic system and get the ol' juices flowing?

Oh, some would say that "porn-porn" is different from BRAIN porn, because the brainal kind could be construed to involve stuff like maths and big words and difficult spatial relationship problems that get your hemispheres to cross-link and comingle signals, but that argument STILL doesn't contradict the notion that the naughty porn is focused on, and processed by, the brain.

Does that make sense?

I'll not make a secret of the fact that I enjoy a bit of porn from time to time; and by porn I'm talking about not only the "big words and difficult word problem" kind but also the kind that involves naked bits. I see nothing wrong with getting a little schwerve on by looking at pictures of people engaging in carnal acts; indeed, I get IDEAS from these pictures, and by and large that's not a BAD thing, is it?

I like a good erotic story too. That stuff can be the total shizz when I'm in the mood. In fact, I PREFER stories; they're just harder to find than the bursting-at-the-seams visual feasts available on every corner of the worldwide interwebs.

There is a limit to my interest, though.

Degrading stuff is out. I'm really REALLY not interested in seeing people tied up so thoroughly that parts of them are in imminent danger of necrotizing and dropping off. I do not want to see people (usually women) crying for mercy while supposedly being "pleasured." Yes, I know there are people for whom this is the ultimate turn-on; I do not happen to be one of them. A LITTLE bondage ain't all bad, just keep it respectful, if that's possible.

Obviously, child porn is so far out that I can't even THINK of anyone for whom this might be arousing. If that's you, please don't tell me. I'd really rather not know. This includes those "BARELY LEGAL" sites that purport to have scads of young girls just DYING to have their cherries popped on camera. I don't believe it, not only because all virginity should be taken in as hushed and furtive a manner as possible, as has been the case since time began, but also because those girls ain't anywhere NEAR 18, and claiming to be is a lie and lying is wrong.

Scatalogical stuff? Not so much. Same for golden showers. I just don't get it. Leaves me conducting the chirping cricket chorus, if you know what I mean.

But, hey, the food sex, the "mature" sex, the midget sex, the amputee sex, the doctor sex, ANYTHING that's being practised by consenting adults is OK by me.

This, I hope, doesn't make me a freak in your minds or anything less of a human. It's not as though I troll through porn looking in desperation for some new thrill on a daily basis. I just happen to believe that we humans are wired to get and receive and seek out pleasure in many ways, some of which might just involve looking at other people get their jollies on or reading about them doing such.

So, yeah. Brain porn. It all starts in the mind.

Still don't know why I thought of it though.


Feel free to comment on this theme if you like. Do you think pornography and erotic art is wrong, has it gone too far, should it be regulated, should all porn be taxed or restricted, what are YOUR limits?

We're all humans here, and all adults. I'm interested to know what you think.

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