Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When only PopTarts will do

Hey friends! Is everyone feeling good today?

I could be better. Oopsie! Leettle too much party with C and P last night. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted, and it was so VERY good to see them again. Well, to see 2/3rds of them. Both of them have lost a significant amount of weight this year; fully one-third of their former body mass has disappeared. Astrounding what a difference that can make. P doesn’t even LOOK like himself, really. I’d heard that he had to have a new driver’s license picture taken because his old rotund self wasn’t a fair or accurate representation of the new thin self. The folks at the DMV were right...and his new goatee changes the look even more. Dude's got hisself a nice set of chin whiskers, he does. ;)

The chili was tasty, the bourbon more so, but the absolute best part was getting to reconnect with an old friend and to catch up on the happenings in her life. Oh, and there are happenings. The stories went on for hours until we all started yawning. Me being the good hostess that I am finally asked ‘what time did y’all get up this morning to fly?’ and when the answer came as ‘4:30’ I pretty quickly decided that I’d kept them up quite long enough. Of course, the fact that I’d also been up since early morning had nothing to do with my hostal generosity, you understand? Nor that fact that I’d had rather a lot of likker and a tummy full of supper…..nope, that had nothing at all to do with any decision to leap up and announce I was tired and was going to bed.

Why, all hostessess should be so accommodating! That’s right, you heard me, everyone should have permission from their host to just go to bed already because she’s also tired and maybe a little tiny wee bit drinkified and wants to get some shuteye before the world starts spinning. Again.

So, today it’s all about the water water water, and maybe a trip to the vending machine to see if they stock PopTarts here, because PopTarts are the alltime best hangover food.


Do hangovers usually involve chills? Mine is.

Of course the chills could also be coming from the ‘wet hair’ look I’ve got going on today, or the fact that it’s about 50 degrees in the building, or that winter temps fell upon our fair land with a thunderous PLOP last night and it’s frigging COLD out now.

Last week – 75.

This week? 35.

Where’s the justice in that?


Also, there's somthing about the area underneath a Christmas tree that cats seems to love. Is it the tinsel streaming down from above? Is it the cave-like space? Is it the cushy red velvet tree skirt that coddles their little underbellies?

Whatever it is, it’s powerful, for never has there been a more favortie ‘go-to’ spot in the Tiny House than right UNDER the tree. Why, I’m having ot put the wrapped presents on the mantel out of respect for the ultra-mega kitty-fu that the new feline hideout has. No sense disrupting the zone of cat-dom before it’s necessary, right?

Plus which, cats under Christmas trees? Hella cute.

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