Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Phasing in an out

It’s in the 70’s in NC today. It’s like Spring outside, and Christmas is two weeks from today.

How much do I LOVE this? Very much, I will answer.

The air smelled of damp earth this morning. The dew on the windshield was cool. Sunlight shone gold on bare oaks and shaggy pines. The lake shimmered, glittering in its too-shallow confines. A pebble of unusual color guarded the yellow stripe at the side of the road, the flecks of mica within it reflecting the morning light, tiny mirrors of warmth.

Yes, it seemed as though that moment would last forever.

And it almost did, or seemed to, because this morning I was once again stuck in traffic. Oh yes, I had TIME to examine random cast-off pebbles, I had TIME to notice the lake level, I had TIME to watch beads of dew gather and puddle, to smell the damp air, to marvel at the way the sun rose.

All because of one stop light. This light on Route 98 is capable of holding up traffic for MILES, and this morning was a doozy. 4.6 miles (yes, I clocked it) of stop n’ go from the first point of slow-down to passing the green. In that 4.6 miles I not only was able to marvel at the scenic beauty and majesty of nature, enjoy the fresh warm air, and listen to an entire Mahler Symphony (you get the idea), I also was witness to 3 near-hits by people who felt like today was not the day to obey traffic laws or even take notice of the other people on the road.

One of those near-hits involved me, but only because the right turn I made didn’t occur FAST enough for the asswipe who roared up behind me (in a school zone, people) after swinging wide around a turning bus. This butt-munch then proceeded to drink mightily from a tall can of something that might have been beer or might have been an energy drink, simultaneously managing to swerve all OVER the daggone road (in the school zone, let’s recall) before overcorrecting, then veered into oncoming traffic, gesticulated wildly, then settled into a more considered routine of hugging my bumper until such point as he could roar around me, only to be stopped by the same rope of traffic that snarled all bajillion of the rest of us who were on Route 98.

The other two near-misses involved 1) a motorcycle and someone who turned right in front of him, even though he had what is quite possibly the brightest headlight ever on his bike, and 2) a school bus and a minivan, who apparently wanted to both be in the same place at the same time, which is really very difficult to do without intimate personal knowledge of one another or a willingness to undergo a tremendous amount of pain.

I’m happy to report that there were no actual accidents, but there was certainly enough muzzy-headed driving going on for one day. I was glad to get to the office.


Two dentists appointments, 4 sealants, two sets of X-rays, one referral to an orthodontist.

Anybody want to guess how much that cost me yesterday, even WITH insurance?


No further development on the Christmas tree. Still haven’t found a good source of decent garland. There are no ornament hangars to be had either. Or tinsel.

Can it be that I’m shopping too LATE for these things?


Update on the finger laceration: it’s fine.

Y’all have a nice day – y’hear?

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