Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Junk drawer, much?

I like the work “irksome.” It describes a feeling that isn’t properly captured by “irritating” or “annoying.”

Don’t know why I thought of that just now. Well, OK, maybe I DO know. Maybe it’s because I have to go through an irksome process to get this new company to recognize that the account numbers I provided for direct deposit really ARE my account numbers. Apparently credit unions have quaint ways of maintaining databases and use a couple of different numbers for accounts, and the one on the check isn’t the one on the account (WTH?) so accounting doesn’t really know which number to use, so please provide written verification of both the address of the credit union and also your account numbers, and oh bytheway, please have it done today or you’ll be juggling live checks for longer than you care to. Kthnxbai.

For the last 2.75 years I’ve juggled live checks, but no more. I’m much more interested in knowing the cash is there, on time, particularly after being told that this company’s check-cutting and finance folks are down in Mickeyland, which is prone to little things called hurricanes, and if there’s a hurricane evacuation of the site on check cutting day, then we don’t get our checks on time, and I can’t have that. I NEED that money to be there, on time, every time. So, the direct deposit.

Irksome to establish, elegant in its execution.


If I was to get a dog, it would have to have long floppy ears and like to lie around. It would also have to have a big ol’ bark (or bellow), and pretend to be a watch dog. It would have to be good on a leash, friendly to other dogs, and not too stinky.

What kind of a dog would that be?

Rhodesian Ridgeback? Red Tick hound? Viszla? Some combination of doggies such that the intermingling of breed predilections matches my “made to order” pooch?

Also, it can’t be small. Small dogs are cute, but I’m just not a small dog person. Except of course there was the miniature dachshund puppy I saw a while back that was possibly the most adorable thing I’ve seen in the canine world. Then it peed on my foot. So no, no small dogs.

Something trainable, not hyper, loving, good with cats, and goofy. Goofy dogs rule.

Y’all have any suggestions?


Lastly, I need to know: who turned off the heat in North Carolina? It’s daggone COLD here! I am not a fan.

Just thought you should know.


Have a super day folks. I’m off to do SOP training. Joy.

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