Thursday, December 06, 2007

Goodness, Cold, and the Christmas Mojo

I'm wondering: What makes a good person?

Is it that they do everything right? Is it that they do everything well? Is it that they love everyone? Is it that they are fully accepting? Is it that they are able to hold themselves above the crowd of sinners as a paragon of virtue?

Do you think so? I don't.

A good person is, I believe, someone who is flawed and knows it, works on the flaws, accepts them in others, strives to be better than they used to be, is kind when kindness is called for, is reasonable and balanced, is truthful and sincere.


How many of us can say that we are fully sincere in how we live our lives?

Just wondering.


Still so very cold in NC. This cold is far too reminiscent of winter. I cannot have this state of affairs continue for much longer. Why, it’s insufferable that I had to put on a coat this morning!


It might as well just start snowing and complete my misery.

Oh, wait, that would mean that we would be getting PRECIPITATION, and because it appears although the weather gods have decided that this is not the year for that sort of tomfoolery in NC, we can’t even get a little snow.

Daggone weather gods. Don’t they KNOW I want an excuse to just work at home (or, better yet, lounge around at home with a cup of hot tea and HGTV)? Don’t they KNOW that maybe once a year, when it’s unhealthfully cold, it should at least snow so that we can all grumble wholeheartedly about the weather and how it’s such a drag to get that inch of bother on the ground?

Who do I have to pray to to get a little SNOW around here?


I have bought exactly 3 Christmas gifts. Two of them are for my Mom. Hi Mom!

Christmas, that most important annual festivity, is almost upon us, and I am not prepared. Oh, yes, I have the lights, and the wreaths, and the ribbons, and the wrapping paper, and all the good intentions and cookie recipes in the whole world, but I am simply not yet in the MOOD for it to be time to get ready for Christmas.

Mood, you see, is highly important.

Once that first box of holiday do-dads is opened, the mood comes upon me. I become holly-jolly and merry and bright. I get an urge to simmer something with cinnamon, and to start softening butter. I become hyperaware of holly berries and twinkling lights. I submerge myself in the joy that is the spirit of the season, falling under the sway of powerful mojo of all that goodwill toward men (and women, I should add).

The mojo was almost accidentally let free not too long ago. That would have been bad, for the mojo has an active shelf life of about three weeks and then I’m over it. It’s precious, is the mojo, and needs to be released with extreme caution.

The accidental release into the wild of a smidge of Christmas mojo happened because in doing some unpacking last weekend I opened a box of Christmas stuff. The instant I espied the homemade ornaments inside, the mood began creeping up on me. You can believe me when I say I shut that box again quickly, for no Pandora of holiday mojo am I. But the box, the holder of holiday happiness, is calling to me to open it up, pull out the memories, start decking the halls and fal-la-la-ing myself into a holiday whirl.

You know what? Maybe it’s a good thing that there isn’t any snow. Otherwise I’d be up to my princess parts in ribbons and rope lights by now.


Y'all please have a wonderful day. I'm going to go pretend it's snowing. Brrrr.

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