Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And to all

A very Merry Christmas indeed.


It's noon here at the Tiny House, and the stockings have been disemboweled, the presents unwrapped, the great breakfast eaten, the toys and games examined, and the festive paper and ribbons disposed of.

We save the bows.

It only took an hour to gift out what took many hours to select, purchase, wrap, hide, and arrange under the tree. The hour, though brief, was well spent, with each gift opened in turn, exclaimed over, appreciated. When that hour was over there was the trying on, the reading of, the familiarization with, the exploration of all new things.

New music on the surround sound. New games on the new XBox. New ringtoneson the new phones. New organization of the new spice rack. New movies to place on the new teevee shelves. Things made and bought, sought for and happened upon, given and received in eager anticipation.

The peaceful absorption of all the generosity is ongoing. The sifting of piles, the immersion in the gifts of the season, the appreciation of the largesse of the worldwide party is a quiet affair at the Tiny House.

Merry Christmas to all. The generous spirit of this season is extended to everyone, whether or not you celebrate the day itself. May the remainder of this joyful Tuesday find you surrounded by peace and goodwill, and might 2008 and all coming years bring you joy.


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