Thursday, November 08, 2007

Zing! Just like that.

Jiminy crackheads y'all! I'm mostly better! The ick has decided to flee, which is good, because catching a disease that mostly affects goldfish was not a proper way to be sick.

Heh - the weak humor is back, so I must be feeling better.

Now, to rid myself of the lingering embarrassment of the voices in my head...


2.5-hour midafternoon naps ROCK.

Waking up to 20 or so e-mails from work, and the ultra-complicated WHITE HOT MONKEY RUSH job that blew into a smithereen of bits and pieces that I now have 4 hours to pull together was not so much with the rocking.

Anybody wanna lend a hand? Anyone?



My older brother went to a college that has a turkey as its mascot. Let that sink in a sec...

OK, so last night, in my dream state, I dreamt (dreamed) that I was visiting him at his dorm in said college, and the hallways were absolutely LINED with metal shelves stocked to the brim with cans of soup, and Ramen (FSM-ism must have been a popular religion, I'm guessing), and crackers and all kinds of "college food."

And it was all free. Just a little bonus for attending a school with a turkey as its mascot.



That bit of the dream was after I dreamt of snowshoeing through slushy woods, showering fully clothed, watching a quadro (the natural progression from duo and trio, yes?) of Sino-European tourists jump out a 7th-story window into a dumpster full of trash (perhaps they could find the elevator? or that's how they do it back home?), and talking with my Dad, who was straightening up the room those tourists had just vacated because "honey, they just left it such a mess."

And there was knee-boarding, a mange-infested dog, a guitarist singing Christian songs who FOUND the dog and was keeping her and her puppy in the dorm room with my brother, shower controls in the living room of my 2-room hotel suite (which had no real doors), mismatched furniture in said hotel rooms, and a former colleague that claimed that one of my friends once thought he was gay, but only for a couple of days. Apparently, their makeout session in the back of a van on the way home from a gig convinced him that he was not, even though they didn't go "all the way." Her hair looked great.

So, yeah. Parse THAT, oh ye who can, for I cannot.


It's going to be a very very busy day folks. Much to do. Once I get this tangled mess of a project out, I have two more WHMR projects to start on. And finish before I leave this job in 2.5 weeks.

Sure, I can do that.


Oh, and a QotD for y'all! What do you want for Christmas (or other religiously significant holiday that you choose to observe) that you're secretly kind of afraid to ask for or get for yourself?

For the record, I'd like a new teevee. Seems like a frivolity, but that 19-inch sucker I've got tucked into an armoire in my LR just ain't cutting it. I can't clearly see all the glory that is the "after" on all those HGTV shows from all the way across the room. Oh, the horror.

How 'bout YOU?

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