Monday, November 26, 2007

So Tired

Oh, my friends, such wonderful news.

I am tired, or, as we like to say here in the Souf, "Ahm Tahrd." Yes, I'm tired, and what's more, I needed to be, so much so that once I GOT tired I enjoyed it more than I thought possible.

"What ho, Tiff?" you might be asking. "How can being tired be a good thing? Have you gone off your nut entirely? Has the rain and fog of recent days gone to your head and fungus'ed it up in a nasty gray tangle of confusion?"

Why no, I would answer. You must of course consider that when I say I'm tired, I mean that I've bought new tires for Tinkerbell, and them new tahrs is makin' happy like a couple of horny bunnies.

Really? Really.

My Tinkerbell is a wonderful car, and I love her very very much. She is reliable and low-maintenance, which is a good thing in a car. However, a while ago she started to shimmy and shake when she got to about 70 (which, as anyone who drive in NC knows, is the lowest acceptable driving speed on most roads).

I lived with the shimmy for a while. For a good LONG while, aamof. For a good longer while than the while should have been, to be blunt. I'd baby her up to about 68, then accelerate really aggressively until I got her up to about 75, when the rattling and shaking would stop somewhat. That worked for a few months, until Tinkerbell caught onto my schemes and started shaking at 67....then 66.....then 65, and up to 73, and all of a sudden there was no good speed at which to drive her without gettin' all shook up.

It was time to get tired.

4 shiny new Pirellis later, Tink and I are a happily commuting team once more. Them new skins roll us along with nary a shiver. It's a beautiful thing, it really is. Why, I can get her up to 80 without her blinking an eye. Not that I INTEND to, mind you. Rather, it simply happens, and if I'm not paying attention, I'm sure she'd go faster.

These new tires are to Tinkerbell what new sneakers are to a kid. I'm CONVINCED she feels better.


Speaking of new sneakers, I got some yesterday.

They have skulls on them. This makes me happy. Clearly, I have a lot of kid left in me.


Still raining-ish outside. Woohoo!! Yeah, my hair is a mass of curly-wurlies, but I do not care, for I am not so OCD about my hair as to even have what is adorably called a "hairstyle" so the random meteorologic influences thereupon don't phase me.

This is why hair clips were invented, after all.


Also - My "say goodbye to Tiff" lunch at work has been postponed until tomorrow. Daggone it. I was really looking forward to some lobster ravioli in a sherry cream sauce, with a nice mache salad on the side.


Posting after tomorrow might be spotty, y'all. I have yet to see what the internet access is at the new job, and until I figure THAT bit out I might not be able to post.

Makes me think I need to get a personal 'puter for home.

But what kind? Any idears? Your help is most appreciated.

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