Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One More Day (or three)

This is it folks. My last day at Current Job. I've been here just about 2 n' a haf years, which is just about the shortest time I've spent at any professional job.

Wait - is that true?

University 1 - 6 months
University 2 - 8 months
Pharma job 1 - 7.5 years
Pharma job 2 - 6.5 years
Pharma job 3 - 8 months
Current Job - 2.5 years

Huh. It's actually the third LONGEST I've been at a job. Ain't that some shit?

Tomorrow starts the tenure at Pharma Job 4. A whole new company. People ask me if I'm excited, and I have to answer that I have VERY mixed feelings about leaving. The group of people I work with now are fantastic, knowledgable, kind, inclusive, and professional. Haven't ever been a part of a group that functions so well and is chock full of a broad scope of expertise. Leaving THAT is going to be very difficult.

Also, as mentioned before, I'm having to give up my office.


I'm excited about new challenges and new horizons, about the change itself, about meeting new people and possibly being able to build something at this new job that works well and is valued by the company. Also, the paycheck ain't gonna hurt none.

I've never job-hunted just for money before. This is my first experience. Yes, I'm 45, what of it? I've spent my career on the hunt for new experiences, for new knowledge, for more marketable skills, and once I got that all under my belt I guess it was time to look around for something that would help me realize my dreams for the second half of my life. College for the Things, retirement savings for me, paying off the credit card debt I've amassed recently, putting something away for vacations, being able to contribute to charities, all these things are on the big list of "what I plan to do with the enhanced income."

College and credit cards first.

It's exciting to move on, yes, but the excitement comes with knowing that I'm giving up comfort, a finite set of expectations, a work environment I'm used to, working relationships I've built, and a group of people who are friends as well as colleagues. It's not an easy thing to do.

At least THIS time I'm not moving hundreds of miles away, like I did last time. That, in and of itself, makes this move at least an order of magnitude easier to take.


The three days mentioned in the title? How much time you have to write a wordsmiths story.


Albert, the cat who never goes outside, has fleas.

Cruel Nature, to visit me with such a curious affliction.

As a consequence of the fleas, Albert got his first bath last night. Not surprisingly, Albert didn't much CARE for the bath. Albert's main expression of dislike is to streeeeeetch out to twice his normal length, swiping paws at anything he can get his claws on. The dish rack was a handy target last night.

He's getting another bath tonight - this time in flea soap. The Palmolive didn't cut it, for he was a-scratching again this morning.

In addition to the feline bathing rituals, I'm also vacuuming like a crazed woman, washing everything that's washable, sweeping and mopping until every surface gleams, and then starting all over from the beginning.

Effing fleas. Stupid miserable effing daggone nasty little biters. I can feel them on me now, crawling around in their psychosomatic manner, just LOOKING for the right morsel on which to chomp. They all need to die.

What more do I do to ensure their swift eradication? I'm a woman on a mission, y'all.

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this urgent matter.

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