Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bend to my Will

Just so you know: I'm being productive today. I figure that being productive two weeks before leaving a job is better than not being productive at all. Can I get an Amen?

Had my exit interview this morning, went smoove as glass. Even told the HR gal what I thought of this company. Oh, it's not BAD, it was just the truth. She thought it was a "good observation."

And I'm DYING to tell y'all what I told her, but there were terms like "this conversation won't go beyond HR" and "confidentiality is important" being used in the interview, which I take here to mean that I perhaps shouldn't be spreading my awesome corporate insights all over the beautiful interwebs.

Sigh. What use is being awesome if you can't bore everyone else to tears with it by telling them about the awesome thing you did?

Let's move on then. We'll just skip the awesome. You'll have to imagine it.

I saw a deer on the road this morning. Well, I THINK it was a deer. It was large and fuzzy, and terribly terribly dead. Here's a thing about me - I can take the sight of dead things on the road - I'm not terribly squeamish, but this particular "possibly a deer" had an added feature that nearly gakked me out this morning.

Please stop reading now if you're easily grossed out.

What is it that nearly cause me to experience an emetic event all over sweet Tinkerbell, you ask?

Why, nothing more than Deer Chunks on Asphalt.

Oh yeah - there were big ol' hunks of deer thrown all over the road. I swear to God I saw the thing's liver on the double yellow line, complete with skidmarks where said clod of organ meat must have slid along the pavement after being forcibly ejected from the deer. There was a hoof on the other side of the road. I think a set of deer ears was in a low bush.

That sucker was freaking decimated, y'all. The vehicle that hit it must be smelling like venison jerky (now with FUR!). I cannot fathom how there wasn't a dead CAR on the side of the road alongside the deer. I know from personal experience what a deer can do to a car, and if a car hit that deer, then that car should have been lying in a ditch not far from that deer.

But, no car.

Maybe it was a semi what as did the hitting. Really though, don't you think a deer could SEE a semi and get out of its way?

I'm thinking that maybe deer aren't so smart. Certainly this one wasn't.


There was also a woodchuck-ish thing in the road. Nice pelt. Almost whole. In WAY better shape than that deer. No chunks.


November mocks me with the temps in the 70's and the sunny sky. November wants me to go outside and play. November is taking my focus and streeeeeetching it out like Silly Putty so that the to-do lists get fuzzy and plans get put off. November wants me to walk around in fallen leaves, warm my face in the low-slung sun, breathe the afternoon, feel the change in season, luxuriate in the glow of vibrant trees and golden light. November wants me out there with it, instead of in here without it.

I think I'll go.

Just as soon as I'm done with this report.

Because y'all? Today I'm being productive.

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