Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick! To the Batty Cave!


Dr. Syn needs your prayers, now more than ever. If you're not the praying kind, then just THINK about him in a positive way, or observe some moment of focus on him and his family.

Seriously people, he's one of our own. Just do it. You'd want people doing it for YOU if you needed it, right?

Right. Now get cracking. Come back here when you're done.


Changing topic and tempo now....

Anybody know where I can get a couple of Imperial Storm Trooper costumes, quick? And cheap?

Hallowe'en - Bah, BumHug!


I'm feeling a little "tricky" today, so instead of handing out candy for Hallowe'en, I offer this little greeting to all my interwebs friends.

Stomp the Poo!



The TUNG brush.

Not only does it work, but their website is really cute. Obviously, it's marketed to younger folks than me (but the black lipstick looks cool); but us old farts can have funky gunky tongues too what as need proper cleaning.

Dudes, really - it's about 2 bucks and works like a total charm. I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but i was so very very wrong. Yeah, I know, now you're thinking "good Lord Tiff, you must have had some nasty-ass breath on you!" and you'd be right.

TMI? So what. The PACKS of gum I was chewing to keep the mouth fresh, the gross morning breath, the whitish cast to the ol' oral orifice's big muscle all pointed me toward investigation of a possible aid to a cleaner mouth, and this sucker has is it.

Plus which, I'm not all gaggy when I use it, which rocks.

Try it yourself. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.


Also? Stridex extra strength pads for adult acne - totally worth the few bucks investment.

I can now wear lower-cut shirts without being embarrassed by the bumpy chestal area (and no, I'm talking about my BOOBS, y'all).


Lastly - Deer are quick. Very quick.

Thank goodness, because the one that was five feet from crashing full force into the front bumper of my car this morning very quickly decided to go the other way, thereby avoiding becoming the next victim of Tinkerbell, who has tasted blood once before and found it good.

She is a delicate flower in appearance only, is my Tinkerbell.

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