Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, hey there!

In other news, I put together a bookcase yesterday all by myself.

With power toolz and all.

And I only had to take ONE piece off and reinstall it correctly. Sweet!

Yes, I'm insanely proud of this somewhat minor achievement. I left the drilldriver out so that the shelves I'm going to put up in the Things' room is at the ready. I've got the level out too, and some screws, and an ready and willing disposition. Man, I love building stuff. It's wonderful when it turns out, ya know?


Spent some time on Saturday cookin' with Renn and Judy. Much fun. See, Mr Kenju had himself a little health setback a while ago, and what with Judy now taking on the responsibility of getting him to and from both at home and in the outside world, Renn thought it would be a good idea to help her out by doing some cooking.

So, we did!

A few pre-prepped dinners later, and we left Judy's house smelling of roast beef and Italian chicken and sauteing onions and other yummyness. It was a pleasure to do, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Which leaves me wondering what I can do to get them over HERE to cook for me. Perhaps an attack of bad back? Some minor surgery? Fleas? Boils? Hmmmmmm......


It's still fall here. Just thought you ought to know.

OK, so the leaves haven't turned colors yet, but there's a chill in the morning air, which is terrific.

If there's one tiny thing I can ask of y'all though, it'd be this: send some rain our way. All y'all who might have a surplus of it, pitch it over your back fence into our yard, because we have 106 days of water left in the reservoir.


Then it runs out.

That canNOT be good.

(OK, it's doesn't run OUT, but it will need to undergo a different treatment regimen because it will be water from the BOTTOM of the reservoir, which can only mean that it will be more expensive, and what happens after THAT runs out? I don't know, and it worries me. Would it worry you?)


Purina dog chow in the green bag has ameliorated the canine gas production issues I wrote about here last week. I recommend it highly. The dogs seem to LOVE it too. So much so that I had to move the bag out to the tool shed to keep it away from their snuffly little curious noses.

For the same reason, the bag of cat food is now on the highest shelf in the laundry room.

Daggone dogs.


I know this is disjointed and fast, but that's the kind of day I'm having. Many things to do, not just one topic to talk about, and not enough time to do any of it (them?).

Whyn't y'all just talk amongst yourselves in the comments about whatever it is you did over the weekend, and please, don't forget about the rain thing.

You have my thanks.

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