Thursday, October 04, 2007

Look down there.

Down there. Yesterday's post. I finished it. Go on, check it out!

Who knows? YOU might be tagged to play along.

Even if you're not, you'd be missing out on some mighty fine reading if you don't go to the linked bloggies and see who else is writing out there in the Wonderful World of Blogsney.

I know what I'M going to be doing for the rest of the day, and it ain't work!


Also? I saw a goat on the side of the road this morning. A LIVE goat. I think he was hitchiking. He was obviously tired of hoofing it to wherever he was going.



In a related "thing," there's a small farm not too far from me that is rather entrepreneurial. They have hand-lettered signs out front for "Goats," "Kittens," and "Old Cars."

You can imagine what the place looks like, can't you? You'd be right, you know.


Oh, would any of y'all who have had rain the last month and don't need it anymore please send it over to NC? Our drought sitch is getting worse every day, and even though I'm being extra-mindful of how much water I use (turning off the flow while I brush my teeth or wash a dish or fill yet more ice trays for the evening cocktails), I'm guessing that most other people around here aren't really being so very careful as all that, and so the lake level keeps falling and we're going to run out and THEN where will we be? The landscapers will all be out of work if there is no water to make the plants grow, the plumbers will lose their jobs if there are no drains to clog, and the entire suburban populace of the Triangle will devolve into a smelly thirsty mass of humanity who stare balefully at the crispy remains of what WAS their lawn, muttering curses and swilling lukewarm Coors Light straight from the can while their smudge-faced children wail sorrowfully for just a SIP from Daddy's can because they're so THIRSTY and Mama don't have no water!!!

This is Raleigh, y'all. We need to WASH.

So, hey, send us your rain, please?

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance in this matter.

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