Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Get Ready, Cause Here It Comes

It's an all-meme, all-the-time post! Woohoo!!!!


Dis from Out there in Blogland (courtesy of the one and ONLY Wordnerd), the Rules Post. Yep - I'm supposed to tell you my Rules for Life. Yeeeeeah. This took somethinking, believe it or not, but I think I've come up with some things that are workable, not too embarrassing, and might actually make sense. Here we go!

1) Stop for pedestrians who are trying to cross the street.

2) Clean up you own messes

3) Apologize if you're wrong

4) Take a nap as often as possible

5) Floss

6) TELL someone if they're got something in their teeth.

7) Hug the people you love, but only if they want to hug you back.

7a) Know your friends' requirements for personal space

8) Never stop trying to find out what your friends are all about.


9) Don't give someone a plant as a gift unless you KNOW they love plants. FLowers are almost always a better option.

10) Sing. A lot. Preferably with silly words and gusto.


ALSO! I was awarded an award late last week by my good buddy Kenju, and I've been terribly remiss in not acknowledging the award, which is rather oxymoronic of me because the award is for being

I know! Me! Nice!

A truly nice person would have sent a thank you note, or at the very least posted a thank you almost instantly, but NooOOOOOooo, I've been busy spouting off about Dr. Syn and writing creepy kidnapper stories. This is decidedly NOT a nice way to be grateful for the bestowing of an award.

My apologies, Kenju. You KNOW I appreciate it. You also know I'm a little odd around the edges, and so I do hope that "better late than never" applies in this case of belated acceptance.

The idea is to choose seven other bloggers whose posts you think exemplify the meaning of the word nice. Only seven? And seven who have not already been given the award? Geez, why not make it HARD, oh maker-of-the-rules....

Here are my seven:

No Celery

Oops - that's eight. Crap. I was about to add three or twelve more too.
Why, I was even going to add Kingfisher in there, that old curmudgeon, because he's always nice to ME. Daggone it.

Well, OK, I have an idea to help me out because I really want everyone I know to get one of these because everyone is nice to someone from time to time, right? Here's my idea: If YOU'RE tagged, and you choose to nominate, then do eight, but no fair repeating any awardees, and in fairly short order we should have the entire blogosphere covered.


More memery tomorrow - I'm outta time for today.

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