Saturday, September 29, 2007

Takin' a ride in the wayback machine

So, Lenny H mentioned something in yesterday's comments about a show I recall watching as a young thing that impressed the living bejabbers out of me and quite possibly, if anyone had been paying careful enough attention, could have pointed out my lifeling love of the underdog/Robin Hood/bad boy.

What is the show, you ask? "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh," I answer.

As soon I read the words in Lenny comment, the theme song began running through my head, but as these things go only the first two lines ran along (scarecrow, scarecrow-oh, the soldies of the king feared his name! click on the link to hear the song!), over and over and over. Therefore, I did the natural thing and google'd, coming up in short order with the lyrics to the tune as well as a brief introduction to the show/film itself. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, because I like to set my sights low for such things, but in the end was mightily impressed by what I saw, for how can you NOT like a show for which some of the lyrics are derisive laughter?

And I quote:

" On the southern coast of England, there's a legend people tell,
Of days long ago when the great Scarecrow would ride from the jaws of Hell
And laugh (Ahhh! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Haaa!) with a fiendish yell!
With his clothes all torn and tattered,
Through the black of night he'd ride,
From the marsh to the coast like a demon ghost
He'd show his face then hide (He'd rob the rich then hide)
And he'd laugh (Ahhh! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Haaa!) till he split his side!"

Take a gander. Then just try to tell me that the Scarecrow is not a terrific Hallowe'en costume idea. Be warned though - I will argue with you if you do.

Lenny? You may have just won an imitator in Wake Forest. Thanks for the awesome idea.

And now I have a suggestion: this year on Hallowe'en, let us ALL dress up like the scarecrow of Romney Marsh, creating a new surge in appreciation for this almost-lost hero of British History and the American airwaves. Come on, JOIN ME!! And when people ask if we're mutant Jack Sparrows, we can set them straight and school 'em on one on the best-evar figures to grace the common experience. Jack Sparrow my eye - Dr. Syn RULES!!

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