Sunday, September 23, 2007

I oughtta be more tired, I think

This morning I sat down with paper and pen and wrote me out a plan for the day. This plan was going to be chock full of good things to do, if by “good” one means “productive” and, perhaps more tellingly, “should have been done MONTHS ago."


The list came about because the Things are with their Dad this week, and so rather than just loafing around for most of the day with the mild sense of anxiety and loneliness that normally accompanies their absence, I decided to get on the farking BALL and make something of my day.

A note:If they were here, then I’m sure my day would have gone something more like “cook, eat, clean up, break up a fight, grocery shop, cook, eat, clean up, break up a fight, make a snack, clean up, negotiate a d├ętente with the preadolescent warring factions, divert attention with an outdoor activity, cook, eat, clean up, watch teevee, go to sleep.” I can hang with that schedule. I know what to DO with that schedule. I’m COMFORTABLE with that schedule.

However, that schedule was not to be, and I felt compelled to DO something with this whole day of open time. The usual diversion of “lots of work for work I could be doing” wasn't even present for which I could could spend time avoiding with some waste of time activity like web surfing or whatnot, because, while there IS work to do, and I’ll do some of it (once I get done posting this, because priorities are what they are and we all know where posting comes in the spectrum of priorities for me, don’t we Kingfisher?), it is not a HORRIFIC amount of work to do and there are no fires to put out and no dragons of Corporatia breathing down my procrastinating neck, so I had an unusual sense of being at sixes and sevens with my time.

Sometimes I’m OK with this. Today was not going to be one of those days.

Therefore, the inception of the list, which I present to you here, because I’m all proud of it and what I got done and what I added to it that I didn’t think I was going to do but did anyway because, if you’ll notice, there is “ironing” on the list and I’ll invent just about ANYTHING to do in order to avoid the iron. (and yes, y'all, it shows).

Accomplished items are struck through. Ad hoc items are in italics.

  • Take box of stuff to Goodwill (OK, it got into the car, so I get a half a strikethrough)
  • Screw down towel rack to bathroom door (author’s note: damn I love my new electric drill driver!)
  • Finish mowing (and y’all? if you knew what shape my yard was in you’d understand why it took me 90 minutes to mow about half of a 0.21 acre yard. To tell the truth, the grass was so long out back that I was afraid I’d be beheading a nest of baby bunnies with the whirring electric mower of lagomorph DOOM, or maybe scattering whole tribes of poisonous snakes or maybe flushing out a heckle of hyenas. Oh, and the grass, the long, long grass, was also wet. Never let it be said that I choose to do things the easy way.)
  • Polish nails
  • Weeding
  • Straighten living room
  • Iron
  • Make bananananananana bread (2 loaves!)
  • Write up presentation on working with graphics in PowerPoint for Thursday’s training
  • Do change of address (y’all - it costs a dollar to do online! I did not do it online. I will save the dollar and go to the P.O.)
  • Sort mail.
  • Cancel unwanted magazines
  • Move bird house (which, you need to know, involved digging the post to which it was attached, and the cement to which the post was attached, out of the ground and then digging a NEW hole at the back of the yard, then reburying the post and filling in the old hole. This was sweaty work, but fun in a weird “doesn’t it feel good to be WORKING at something” kind of way)
  • Vacuum
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  • Do dishes
  • Chase the kitty
  • Take a nap

So, while it seems like I should be more tired than I am, the addition of a post-shower midafternoon nap (heh-vuhn!) has taken care of that, and I’m now totally ready to go do that presentation.

Ya know, as soon as I polish my nails.

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