Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Word to the wise: If you're working at home, and in your PJs, and the PJs are basically just a big tee shirt and nothing else, then it's probably best that you do NOT answer the knock on the door, even if it does come three times, because then there will be an elderly lady at your door wanting to make sure you know about the neighborhood's centennial party that's coming up and ask you if you want to show you house during the celebration, and while you've got the door open your indoor cat will want to become an outdoor cat, and you'll probably then stoop down to pick UP the cat so that he doesn't escape, only realizing much too late that you're not wearing any form of undergarment and that you've very likely just flashed not only your elderly neighbor but also the four little girls that she babysits who have accompanied her on her mission of neighborly invitation, and in all likelihood yours are the first pair of boobs that they've ever seen, and so hey, welcome to the neighborhood Flashy McFlasherson.

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