Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This is how my brain works

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that I was falling in love with Bruegger's Bagles? Well, the siren song of freshly-baked bagelry was calling to me again this morning, and I couldn't resist the minor diversion off the commuting track to check out what else might be on offer.

Oh, friends, I am here to tell you that today I fell a little deeper into the well of Brueggeradoration, for I ordered me up a Western bagel that is so so so so GOOD that my mouth sent happy signals to my brain at first bite, which caused my legs to bounce in glee and my stomach to gurlgle most contentedly.

What is on a Western bagel, you might ask? Well, in response to your imaginary question my enthusiastic response would be: fried egg, cheddar cheeze, BACON, roasted red pepper, green pepper, red onion, and chipotle sauce. Fecking YUM!! The asiago parmesean bagel once again made an appearance as the carby holder of the mouth-watering contents, and once again it was HOT and STEAMY and fresh from the back room, and ohmy GOODNESS my car was redolent of deeeeelicious scents as I drove the 40 long minutes to work.

(A note: This is not a samlich that one eats in the car whilst driving. Oh no. This is a meal that is to be eatern reverently and most carefully. This is a food that requires one napkin for the mouth and one napkin for the drippins. Again I say - fecking YUM!)

I ate half for brekkies. The other half is for lunch. Yes, they're THAT big. If you've got a Bruegger's around you, go SOON and wallow in the luciousness that is the Western bagel. I'm reasonably certain you won't be disappointed.

(For the figure-conscious among us, they also serve salads and soups and all that good stuff. Plus they have kick-ass coffee. Man, I love that place...... OK, commercial ovah)


I saw a man taking a walk this morning.

Not interesting enough for you?

OK, I saw a man talking a walk this morning who was accompanied by the biggest Great Dane doggie I've ever seen. The back of this thing was easily up to the man's waist.

The man was also accompanied by a very small child in one of those brightly colored plastic cars with the bubble top, which the man was pushing. It was very cute, believe me.

Then I got to thinking: I wonder how many times that canine is going to be RIDDEN in the next few years? It's easily the size of a pony. I'd like to see that sometime - the man out for a walk with his giant dog, who is being ridden by his small child. Now THAT would be something to put in a blog post!


Ever have one of those mornings when you wake up, realize that the sun is at an odd position in the sky, look at the clock, and realize you have 5 minutes to get your kids to school before the bell rings?

Yeah - me too.

Too bad it's a 12-minute drive to school, and nobody had had their breakfast, and Thing 1 needed to finish homework, and ohbytheway there was no time for a shower.



I'm becoming dangerously well-informed due to my current addiction to NPR. Morning Edition and the BBC World News are my co-pilots on the a.m. leg of my commute, which set me up nicely for the day's water cooler talk.

You know, if there WAS a water cooler. Or, really, anybody around who was interested in talking about the upcoming election in Zimbabwe or the violence in East Timor.

I might get someone to engage in a spirited discussion of whether or not Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius or an arrogant prick (certainly debatable points, and perhaps not mutually exclusive), because after the story I heard this morning I now have a platform on which to base my opinion, which before this morning I didn't know I could have. Really - who KNEW?

An offshoot of this recent fascination with all things NPR is that my knowledge of British accents is growing by leaps and bounds. Oh, I can't tell you where the people talking are from (other than to say "England!"), but I AM beginning to appreciate the subtle differences in their speech patterns and accents. I'm also starting to try to imitate them, especially that Irish accent, which I find charming and very very difficult to do properly.

Do not take the time to ask me WHERE I'm going to use these accents, for I do not know. It seems imperative though that I DO practice, for who knows when I might be asked to go undercover as a Indian National who was educated in Brighton by German immigrants? It could be any day now for all I know. I'd totally rock a sari.

Anywhoo, do y'all feel the need to ape the accents of those folks on the radio or in real life who have distinctive accents? If so, which are you favorites? Which are the HARDEST to do?

I must know.

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