Friday, August 24, 2007


Did y'all see the new "insert video" tool in blogger today? Neat!


This morning I was a-working away at home (read: checking my personal e-mails and writing this here post), because I was planning to go in a little late so I could go by the bank and deposit a much-needed paycheck. Ah, things were going well - I was trading e-mails with a friend, IMing with another friend, checking the work e-mails just to be sure I wasn't supposed to be someplace at the time I planned to be doing some high-finance work, enjoying a second cup of coffee while still in my PJs, and getting ready to do the triple-S morning ablutionary duties.

And then the lights went out.

The hell? I just PAID my bill, so what on earth was going on?

I waited a few minutes, silently praying for the electric to cut back on (as they say down here), but to no avail. Hmmmm.

Stuck my head out the front door to see or hear if anyone else was similarly affected, and was treated to the sight of a couple of Electric Co trucks two doors down. Hmmmm again. What was going on?

Being a curious sort, I quickly donned a bra and dressed my other pasty-white bits, combed my hair, and ventured bravely out to address the workerman who was a-standing near the truck, looking like he might be a someone who could have vital information.

Hay, did y'all just cut off the power? I asked.

Yes, came the answer, with the addendum that they didn't know I was "pulling power from that pole" at which point my inner 12-year-old giggled because he said "pole."

How long y'all gonna be? I asked, giving full vent to my mad interrogative skillz.

About an hour, was the reply.

Y'all, there was no way I was going to, or COULD, wait another HOUR for what it is I needed to do (thinking that the water wouldn't work if the power was off...), so I packed my gym bag, put on some work-suitable clothing, and headed into the office, where the gym, hot water, and a functioning toilet waited.

5 minutes into my drive I realized I'd left the gym bag at home. I did not turn around to go get it...more important things were afoot!

No shower means that I'm grateful that my office has a door, because I'm here to tell you that thesuper-causal ponytail look I've got going on and lack of makeup (which is in my gym bag, of course!) is not a pretty thing.

And yeah, I took care of the other thing, and it was a wonderful thing indeed. It doesn't take much to make me happy, that much is for certain.

UPDATE: I have a lot to learn about city life. Apparently, if you're on a municipal system, water still works when the power goes out. Imagine that! My history with wells and well pumps has made me forget this. Also, the water heater would have kept the water hot for me for a while....I know this now. I swear y'all, sometimes I'm just the biggest goober hick out there. Sigh.


Oh, it appears as though we're back in the nooz biz! Lookit THESE prime examples of "How Not To Write A Headline"!

Tokyo housewife hid 1.7 million pounds in forex gains

Man, I need to find out where on my body the "forex gain" is, because I've got a few pounds I could hide.

More storms slam flooded Midwest

Hurricane Dean heard to say "yo main street so damp, even yo fungus got fungus!"

Early primaries may add more fundraising

The first through third-grade crowd is gonna sell MORE wrapping paper, y'all.

Romney: Mass. health plan can be copied

He suggests using Xerox machines.

Stocks up after economic data

Late for work as a result.

Astronomers find a hole in the universe

Leading researchers are planning to plug it up with an enormous log and a frog and a fly on the eye of the frog on the log on the hole in the middle of universe.......

WHO ties rising population, new diseases

Used a bowline, but a square knot would've done. Buncha showoffs.


And that's it for Friday y'all. Have yourselves a lovely weekend, and come back on Monday for tales of what is shaping up to be an extraordinarily boring weekend.

The tease? I do believe I'll have some "young Tiff" pics to post, which feature really really BAD '70's clothing. Who wouldn't want to see that? Nobody, that's who.

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