Friday, July 13, 2007

Quickies, because sometimes I like it like that

I had a dream last night that Ron and Hermoine got married. The dream was complete with fireside sex scene. Apparently Ron has quite the fuzzy chest, and Hermoine likes to....uh.......nevermind.


Also in the dream, I was at the house of a couple of who performed unusual marriages. The couple was also unusual, being as how one of them was a tiny woman who spent a large portion of her time flinging crocheted shawls over her shoulders and sitting on the tops of doorframes, and the other was a very tall long-faced cross-dressing British fellow who did decorative painting of oddly shaped birdhouses in his spare time. Their house/place of business was crammed full of birdhouses, teapots, shawls, and talking cats.

One of the marriages they were going to perform was among three lesbians. I told you they were unusual. Be honest, whoever heard of a lesbian triple that EVER worked out? (apologies to my gay GFs, but I've never heard of one. Feel free to correct me on that)


These dreams brought to you be basil pesto pasta salad. It's the basil that does it to me, every daggone time. If I want great dreams, I eat something loaded with basil. Works like a charm. Your basic grocery store pesto works fine, but for truly spectacular dreams try a fresh tomato/basil/mozzarella salad with fresh olive oil and freshly cracked sea salt.

Gosh I'm hungry now.


My buddy Oldfriend is coming for visit this weekend. She's vegeteranian, so I need to cook good-tasting foods with no meat (through she does eat schrimpies, so I could go there). I'm thinking Indian, or Mexi-something. Got any good easy recipes, y'all? Something that goes well with Knob Creek brown water (bourbon) woud be a huge plus.


Straight from Yahoo's headlines!

Authorities expand probe of wrestler's doctor

The 4-guage wasn't enough, they're moving up to the 6-guage.

North Korea makes unusual plea for direct talks with U.S.

Word on the street is that the plea involved several goats dressed in satin who were trained to do the Macarena to "My name is Slim Shady." That's unusual!

Al-Qaida works to plant U.S. operatives

Digging got tough around the 4-foot mark though, so they had to give up.

Web warnings may not make kids safe

Charlotte is disappointed, gets back to work.

Energizer to acquire Playtex for $1.16B

"18-hour" bra will now just keep going and going and going....

Flight diverted over passenger security

Barefoot people scatter willy-nilly.


And that's all I gots today, folks. Have yourselves a terrific weekend, and don't forget those recipes. I'm counting on you to make me a culinary schtar!

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