Monday, July 16, 2007

A little help!

(what would all the bottoms say about this motto, I wonder?)

Well, it seems that the current wave of "I'm quitting blogging to go do something USEFUL with my life" has strtuck the ol' bookmarks list here at NAY. Sigh.

While I understand people's need to get on with it and get a life, which sometimes might even mean going so far as to quit blogging entirely, e'en to the point of deleting what WAS their blog so I can't even go out and relive the good times (perish the thought!), I do NOT care for the quitting, not one tiny iota of a smidgen.

At all.

Nobody's thinking about ME; this much is abundantly clear. Selfish beetards.

All the quittage leaves me so little with which to interior decoate my own tired wedge of the world, you know? How am I going to sparkle if I don't have amusing stories and bitingly witty commentary, borrowed from OTHER people's blogs, to intersperse into IM sessions? How am I goin to be the darlin of the chat rooms if people keep quitting and deleting their blogs, thereby depriving me of one of the best sources for blitheful banter onst the interwebs?

HOW, I ask you, HOW??

(sounds of anguished screaming come from stage left)

It hurts me to think about how this wave of quittery is going to affect my e-social standing. Gah! If I had Diggs and links and BlogHer status, I'd be hurt even MORE deeply. Y'all have no idea! This is torture!

I need. I have deep need. I NEED the bloglives of more people. I'm peckish for their virtual brain-meat, the outpouring of their alter-ego, the taste of their personalities. But where do I go? Who do I read? How do I find them?

This is where YOU come in. I need YOU to tell me. I need YOU to beef up my blogroll, to spill the beans on who you ravenously consume on a daily basis, to serve up appetizingly tasty new blogs on the silver platter of your considered opinion.

Please. I'm hungry.

Feed me

(oh, and if you look at my blogroll, you might spot a cupla new ones. I'm a giver like that, now hurry up and reciprocate already. also, don't be tellng me to "go look at my blogroll," because I have enough of a life to know I ain'ts gots timez fer dat. (or so I say. (I borrowed that line from someone. Someone who has prolly quit blogging by now.) you understand what I'm getting at here, I'm sure.))


UPDATE (at 2 p.m): to see what kind of stuff I'm currently reading and would LOVE more of, go read THIS latest offering from One Ms Jess Riley. I simply cannot recommend this entry highly enough.

When I say I LOL'D, I mean it. Menu planning was never this fun before.


(tales of the weekend that was a weekend plus some are forthcoming. Really, you'll want to check back. It's amazing what a half a bottle of Knob Creek will do to midnight hair-dying attempts.)

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