Monday, July 23, 2007


Had the day off Friday, and, as is so unlike me, I forgot to post. My God, will the gold star under my name on the "big blackboard of diligent bloggers" be removed? The horror.

I blame the day off and the subsequent busy for the lapse.

The forgetting occurred to me last night as I was watching the sun go down while drinking a nice cuple fingers of Knob Creek and thinking back over my weekend, which included the following:

  • Installing two ceiling fans. Started out ot be ONE ceiling fan, but the first one was too big (read: LONG) for the living room and so it was put in the kitchen above the table (where nobody will bonk their head on it) and another shorter one was put in the living room. Both are gorgeous, and why did I wait to put them in anyhow? Oh yeah, because I need help, which I had this weekend. Yay for help!
  • Many trips to Home Depot for ceiling fans. Also porch light fixtures, and drill drivers, and drill bits, and electrical outlet testers, a really cool new lawn sprinker that shoots out jets of water in many and decorative spinny patterns and that I'd ohsolove to run through right about now, and um, other stuff that wound up to be very and highly important and most of which I can't remember right now. Wire nuts, I think. Also switchplates.
  • A trip to Falls Lake for a Sunday afternoon swim.
  • Two dinners out, other dinners in, and many hamburgers consumed in the meantime. Cow was high on the list of edibles. As a friend said "if we weren't supposed to eat them, then why'd God make them so tasty?" Not much to counter with for THAT statement, now is there?
  • Flying lessons. Really! Notebooks were levitated! So.Much.Fun!
  • Doggie care, complete with beanbag evisceration.
  • A minor "holy crap" work moment, during which I, as the one taking the day off during the "crap" part, decided to let the chips fall where they may, then quietly obsessed over the fallout for another day. I do so hate it when my days off are marred by work.
  • Gardening, and the install of many a linear foot of new irises out front of my house. Digging garden beds is sweaty work, as I found out.
  • Lunching with a friend at her gorgeous house with her entertaining husband.
  • Talking with and enjoying the company of other friends, so much so that "time to go" was a hurtful thing to have to hear. I do so love friends like that. Everyone should have a few people in this world that they could always spend MORE time with.

It was gooood, and it was over too darned soon, and was so busy that I plum forgot to post on Friday, which of course puts me behind in the running for the title off Little Miss Daily Poster (who's the Poster Child? I'M the Poster Child!) which is simply not palatable for one as driven as I am to BE a Poster child, so maybe I might have to post twice today to make up for it.

I did notice that y'all kept yourselves busy commenting on the old posts, so yay for YOU! Makes my tingly bits tingle to think on it, it really does, and by me saying that I'm NOT implying that I think of you "like that", it just means that you warm the cockles of my heart with your tender minstrations. Or something.

So yeah. Another good weekend. I could so totally get used to that.

What about Yooo-hoo-hooo??


"Compassion's just a nicer way of looking down your nose" - OK Go.

Y'all need this CD. I'm serious. Seriously serious. Deadly seriously serious. Totally. Way.

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