Sunday, July 01, 2007

All cleaned up and everywhwere to go


Many thanks to JC and Carolina Purl and her family for lending able assitance, even to the point of helping me decide where to put beds and teevees and moving the world's heaviest hide-a-bed in the Things' room.

I'm serious, that sucker's extreme heavy.

The rain held off, the stuff all got moved, there were burgers and beers, there was a very adorable puppy and young boy to "awww" over, and, by 7:30 last night the apartment keys were dropped in the office box and I was home.


I slept on the floor last night. Cushy carpet and extra-cushy padding, plus my own layer of cushy padding and a quilt all equalled a reasonably decent night's sleep. Add to the fact that I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day and you've got a recipe for some high-quality sackage.

There were no weird or scary or alarming noises. There were no Nosferatu-ish shadows slinking along my walls. There were no midnight vermin appearances or ghostly apparitions or leaky faucets or any other bizarre anything that might have kept me up or awakened me. For this I am grateful. The first night in a new place is always a high hurdle to clear cleanly.

I'll sleep on the floor again tonight, and look out the bedroom window past the tall arbor vitae to the dark sky, and dream of window boxes full of flowers, a fenced in front yard packed with iris in the spring and daylilies in the summer, an herb garden by the arbor, hundreds of tiny white lights festooning the deck rails, a huge umbrella and some chaises out back, and other long-term plans I keep dreaming up for the Tiny House.

Within the next couple of days I'm hoping to find the time to go buy a bed. Or,,,,, maybe I'll just string up a hammock or two in my never know when a friend might want to come over for a slumber party!


One more house-related bit of info: I mowed the yard this morning. Amazing how much better it looks when it's shorn.

No wild animals were harmed in the shearing of my yard, but weeds by the handful were evicted from their abodes. Felt good to be out in the sun and the breeze, and it felt good to go inside, shower, and spend time staring at the ceilings while totting up the endless numbers of things I COULD be doing.

None of which I've yet done. It promises to be a busy evening.


I found an old diary in a box of memories. I spent some time this morning (before mowing) reading who I was 20 years ago.

I vividly remember many of the events in the book. I certainly remember the guy that most of the book was about. However, with the passage of time, I've forgotten some of the chronology, and have dressed up some of the details of "How Things Went," so it was engaging (to me) to re-read my history. I had no idea I'd had 2 boyfriends for a period of about a month. Heh. I had no idea that after being dumped by the "main character" of the book, I had gotten back together with him just to prove I could, and we dated for another 4 months before things just faded between us.

I also didn't realize that at the time, I'd write passages that even now twist my heart and make me proud of who I was. Oh, I was young and foolish, no dobt of it, but I LEARNED from the foolishness, and if I'm any judge, I'd say that I very much enjoyed my life back then.

(Hey, Bloggerwannabe, you're in the book! Apparently I cut your hair once....I do not recall this event, but I suspect there may have been mind-altering substances in use....ahem.)

Maybe if I get very brave indeed, I'll transcribe some of that girl's life into these pages. It's been 20 years, maybe it's time to dust her off and see if y'all would recognize me back then. Just the social activities ALONE would make you deny that it was me.....holy cow, did I get around! :>

Enjoy the rest of Sunday, folks.

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