Friday, June 01, 2007

Is it any wonder I'm not the President?

Y'all, the question of the day comes from the title to this post: what song is that line from?

Here's a little hint
. Heh.


Riffing on that theme, I'd have to say that I'm not exactly in that dude's shoes (go ahead, click on the link thing and cheat so you KNOW what I'm talking about).

Lately between work and home and life and the new house and such I'm keeping pretty busy.
I don't mind busy, but there are times when it's nice to just for a little while.

Say, a half an hour.

Then, if you're me, you're looking for something else to do. I think I might be a little sick in the head. Before y'all chime in with a chorus of "oh we KNOW you are, Tiff," let me state here that doing NOTHING means just exactly that. Nothing.

As an FYI - "
Nothing" includes watching teevee, napping, staring at the ceiling, polishing my nails, meditating, snacking, and daydreaming.

That's a lot of
verbs for doing nothing, isn't it? If I was really doing nothing, I guess "nothing" wouldn't end with an "ing," implying (another "ing" verb!) that something is going on when nothing really is, until you realize that the "ing" is part of "thing" which is a noun, and therefore safely entrenched in the "no action being taken" niche.

Professor Harold Hill, at your service.

Second question of the day - when you want to do nothing, what's the nothing you do?

(now the word "nothing" looks funny to me. weird)


Try this little time-waster this weekend: find a mirror in front of which you can spend about ten minutes uninterrupted. Sit yerself down in front of that mirror, and really look at yourself. Stare into your own eyes, appraise yourself as a stranger would, talk to yourself and see what other people see when you talk to them, smile your best "come hither" smile, try to flirt with yourself maybe a little, then just look at your own face as if you don't know yourself.

Then, freak out, because I'll guarantee you that what you think you look like ain't at ALL what you DO look like. You might even get to the point that you realize you don't recognize yourself, that you dont' really KNOW that person in the mirror. Don't worry, it's still you, just,,,,different.

I used to do this a lot when I was a kid, because growing up changes you in many and wondrous ways, seemingly overnight. Growing older changes you too, and it's my guess that a lot of us stopped really looking at ourselves (except to find the flaws) many years ago. We keep changing. Go on, take a look. I'm interested to know what you see. Is it really you?


Oh, and my apologies for all the introsepction and suchlike here lately. Having birthdays does that to me. I should be over it soon.

That half-bottle of Jim Beam in the pantry ought to help. Any other tips for "gettin' over yourself" would be most appreciated.

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