Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday! Yay!

Ya know what? It's the end of the week already! This means it's time for the Friday nooz roundup!

Yippee! A reason to troll Fark!

(Insert here the sound of moistly rolling eyes, because we all know that trolling Fark is NOT restricted to Fridays, nor does one really NEED a reason, but for the sake of appearances let's all agree that I only do this on Fridays, and perhaps late at night. And early in the morning. Perhaps at lunch. But NEVER at dusk. (name the comedian who made that line famous and win a prize)).

If you're not a Farker, shame on you. It's a grand way to spend some high-quality snark time. The comments on the stories are generally the better part of the deal too. HINT: check out any and ALL photoshop contests. You'll KNOW you're a true Farker when you understand the cliches and recognize the submitter and why you should be VERY careful before clicking on anything that Rugbyjock does, if you've got a computer that's visible to even ONE curious passerby.


First up: A tale of automotive woe, now with extra redeye.

Next: When owning 33 acres in't enough to keep the neighbors from bitching about your pets.

Then: If a funnier headline's been written, I want to know what it was.

Follow-up: Wait, I might have found one funnier.

Giggle break!: I'd LOVE to see the yellow pages ad for this business. Look under "escort services" or "car wash"?

Now for a WTF? moment: A very stupid reason to go to jail. (note to self - best to mow the grass at the tiny house this weekend. Wear protective clothing in case that pride of lions hiding in the tall grass out back is still there. Also take along giraffe tranqs and something to lure the elephants out from behind the weeping willow.)

Let's close with a human interest story, shall we?

Not this one
. Jeez.

Should be something light. Fluffy. Let's go for the "aw shucks" story.

Wait. I've got a better idea. We'll close with the "ah-ha-ha how very clever!" story! Can Ultilikilts be far behind for this wacky crowd? (note: check this out, and tell me that you're not about to buy 'em. Dood! That's some high-grade badassery goin' on there!)


There you have it friends, the quick n' silly Friday morning news roundup. You can go into your weekend fully versed in all things right and good to know.

Also, check out the kung fu fighter photoshop contest. The one with the beans is my favorite so far.

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