Friday, May 11, 2007

The one in which I might use too many big words, but with the help of careful editing I might not, in the end.

Anybody notice that the word porn list over there on the right is growing? It is - I have not yet stopped adding new (and old) favorite big words to the pile of vocabulary that needs to be aired out and used more often.

If you've got any favorite big words that you'd like to see added, lemme know in the comments. It's never too late to learn new things or join in on the eggheady goodness that am the big words.

Sometimes, though, the use of big words can go too far. Indeed, I perhaps have been guilty of salting a post with an excess of extravagant phraseology. However, nothing I have written, I hope, even comes close to this attempt at humor. I say "attempt," because I don't understand some of it, and without full knowledge of all the words used I don't know if they're being used correctly and therefore can't get the proper "ha-ha"-to-word count ratio. Even so, they get two points for using multiple words that begin with "v."


Salacious. I like that word. It sounds almost as good as it means.

Rodomontade. A new word to me, sounds nothing like it means.

. Bet you'd NEVER guess what this one means. Has nothing to do with household pests.

Vituperation is a really good word, and sounds nicer than it means.

Use the four correctly in a sentence, you say? Impossible, you say (after going to read the definitions, of course)?

Not at all, I would counter. Witness:

The termagant, resplendent in an acid-green muu-muu and pink foam curlers, shouted salacious vituperation at her be-t-shirted spouse regarding his amorous proclivities, then launched into a rotomontade of her previous evening's activities, which caused the neighbors to close their windows against the blistering outburst.

See? It's easy! I even threw in another big word just for fun!

A challenge for you, therefore. Take three words (just three, not that tough!) from the current word porn list and post a sentence in the comments using them correctly.

Come on, it's Friday, what ELSE are you going to do with your time?

Well, you COULD go do this. Just don't blame ME if your whole day is shot because of it. It's all Q's fault. Tell HIM about it.

Have a great weekend y'all.

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