Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Delusion is my friend

Today's title brought to you by Wordnerd, who is a dab hand at mottoes.

Need one? Just ask - she's got a million of 'em, and all are somehow both relevant and funny. It takes a special someone to come across with that kind of snap this early in the morning.


Any body else feel like taking a day off? Me too. It's beyond gorgeous out in the woods and wilds of NC. I do believe we Old North Staters should all take our summer vacations in May, because that's the month that has warmth, not so much bugs, and green grass. The shade is still cool, the air isn't reminiscent of a blast furnace, the parking lots don't sear bare feet in May.

It's the perfect time to hoist a kayak or canoe onto the car, drive to the lake, and have a paddle and picnic. Once tired from exploring, the beach is a perfect spot to nap and relax, and if you take someone you like with you then maybe you can steal a quick snog as the sun goes down. Ah, bliss.

Long warm days with nothing to do but what you want to do are heavenly.

A minor-league baseball game at night? Let's go. A hike in a state park in the afternoon? I'm there. A late breakfast spent reading the paper and making plans you intend to never pursue? Right up my alley. A long doze in the hammock out back? Count me in, just don't
schedule it, because the best days are those without a plan, when the hours flow smoothly past in pursuit of a moment's fancy.

Ah, a summer vacation in May, with nothing to do but what seems right right then. I'm ready.

Are you?

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