Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well versed

There have been times
it's become clear to me
that my brain is a strange and
wonderful place to be

When, for example,
it's clearly evident
that I sometimes say stuff
I didn't know I meant

When I dream of tornados
and skating on socks
and race-morphing bloggers
and tumbling rocks

When I mention that pi
is twice half its integer
and laugh to myself
at all the clever

When I say the word "tidings"
and it's not about laundry
but pronounce it like "tiddings"
because I think it's funny

When I do these strange things
some quirky, some odd
there are those who react
like a rigored cold cod

As strange as it sounds
and it sounds mighty strange
there are those who don't "get" me
who think I'm deranged

There are people out there
who might view me as curious
an anomaly or brain sprite
who's never quite serious

That's all fine by me
for I'm happy out here
in my field, all alone
outstanding and weird.

Let them look let them point
let them shoot me odd glances
I'll simply imagine those tight prigs
without shirtses or pantses.

And therefore,

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