Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Sometimes they come back"

Name the book that the title comes from, and win a prize. Hint - it's creepy (the book, not the prize).

In a fit of energy, I'm posting on weekend.

Wait. That's kind of a lie.

It's not energy that's brought me here, but rather an unwillingness to get off the bed and start whatever it is I have to do today that will keep me occupied up until such time as I can commence to drinking.

Heh. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, isn't it?

Sadly, not today though, because there's a sleepover at my house tonight, and I need to stay sober and responsible!

Dammit. :>


Over at the WVSR there are some verrrry interesting comments. From time to time Jeff's cast of regulars will take over and provide ample entertainments in the comments when Jeff doesn't post. The recent iteration is a fair sample of porn stories.

Real life porn stories, not some Penthouse Variations variety.

You know, just in case you're interested.


I'm awaiting the shipment of a new CD soon; my first Dave Matthews Band CD. Can't wait.


I've decided to put off moving into my new house for a little while. The nice people (damn them!) at the apartment complex office said that they won't let me skate on the last month of my three-month contract (there's a 60-day notification period), so I'm on the hook until the end of June for that. The first mortgage payment on the new house isn't until July 1, so at least I'm not doubling up on rent and mortgage, which is a relief. I wasn't looking forward to pulling 800 bucks out of my nether bits to cover payments a deux.

So, the result is that there's no rush to move. I can take all the time I need (well, 2 MONTHS of time) to spruce up the house, do minor repairs, get the kitchen and bathroom floor replaced or refinished, paint, tinker, hang out, and create the hippie haven I've always always wanted.
I'm thinking gazing balls, quirky yard art, a hammock, and a gigantic hookah (:>). Plus wind chimes. And hundreds of tiny white lights on the deck railings. And a basketball hoop. And a porch swing.

But first, I think I need tools.

Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, oh my. I have a foggy idea of what should be in my tool kit, bit I'm sure my list is not comprehensive. Do I really NEED pipe clamps? What about needle-nose pliers? Is a set of flathead screwdrivers necessary, or will a kitchen knife work just fine?

It's clear I need help. What's in YOUR set of essential tools that I might not think of? And where's the best place to go to get good tools, anyhow?

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