Thursday, April 26, 2007

Practicing my stealth moooooves

As a budding ninja, I have been told that I must select a quest to spend the rest of my life pursuing.

To that end, I have spent the better part of today pondering the large issues that are still present in this world, and particularly on this internet.

I have decided that there are far too many giraffes loitering around. They are a real threat and nuisance. They tangle their horns in the wires, trip over the cables, eat the paychecks, and, as a result of their mottled skin, blend into the wallpaper and frighten us by jumping out suddenly and bleating loudly while we're on our way to coffee.

Obviously, they need to go.

Therefore, I have begun a quest to rid the internet of giraffes.

More reports as events warrant.

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