Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's trying to kill me

(That's the house, right there!)

7:50 a.m., the call from the realtor.

"Well, Alice didn't get to present the offers until later in the afternoon yesterday, and by the time we heard back from the clients I thought it might be too late to call you.

The offers were nearly identical, and both y'all wanted to close at the end of May. The owners were hoping to close by the end of this month or May 5th at the latest, and they were asking to get about 1500 dollars more for that house than you offered. What do you think of that?"

"I think that's fine, I figured they'd counter my offer. I can do the money and the speedy closing."

"All right then, I'll just need to update the offer and have you come by the office to initial the changes. Can you come in sometime today?"

(Keep in mind here that I'm already at work, 45 minutes away. I LIVE 5 minutes from his office. The humor of that geographic situation didn't escape me, because I'd came into work EARLY today, when on most days would still have been at HOME)

"Shoot Jimmy, I'm at work, when do we need to have this done?"

"Well, I can tell the owners that you're OK with the changes, and as long as we have a signed original by this afternoon to present to them that will be fine."

(heart pounds, I want to run out the door to drive to the office to sign the papers to get the house for sure and all, but let discretion and discipline rule)

"All right - I can be there by 5. Is that going to be OK?"

"Sure thing - we'll get everything fixed up for you and see you then."

So, there you go. No house yet.

If all goes well, I can close in three weeks.



Burger King coffee rules.
I've downed a large, and am spinning on all eight cylinders.


Also, I slept for 11 hours last night, so am just about ready to levitate. SO full of energy.

Remember how, when you were a kid, you legs seems to be made of springs? That's how I feel right now. I feel like I'm about 8 years old, and ready to run full-speed down the sledding hill through woods and over roots, ducking branches in the dappled shade while my friends chase after me. I was always really good at running in the woods - I could spot obstacles a mile off that a lot of kids would twist an ankle on or run into. The demands of always being on the lookout gave me a certain kind of wild energy that fed on itself, and I would wind up at the bottom of the hill out of breath and completely exhilarated.

That's what I'd like to do right now. Run down a steep wooded hill, moving at high speed, feeling like a kid again.

Thanks BK and sleep; I haven't felt like this is a long long time.

Here's a question for ya: What did y'all used to do as a kid that made you feel like the ruler of the world? Jump off swings at the high point in the arc? Ride your bike heedlessly? Spin in circles until you got dizzy?

Everybody has something, why not tell us alllll about it?

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