Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hey Stranger!

Looks like somebody's back in town.


More later. Grindstone calls. Or is it millstone? One wonders.

Funny body part names:

fallopian tube
medulla oblongata
and, of course, uvula


If you could change one of your physical apsects, what would it be?

I waffle between getting my chestal appendages hoisted or getting my middle-aged face hoisted. EIther way, it appears as though gravity is indeed an unstoppable force.

O' course, I COULD go for some lipo. Or a blepharoplasty, now that it appears as though I'm always tired, even when I'm not. Or I could get a neck lift! A brachioplasty! A jejunectomy!

Wait, not that last one.

So many things could change. I can see myself now, looking like I'm facing into a headwind when there's not even a breeze, my unnaturally perky thorax appendages immobile, my eyebrows raised in perpetual surprise, the haughty smirk on my lips the result of being stretched too tightly far too many times.

But, nah. That's going a littlelottabit too far, and, quite frankly, if I can't raise an eyebrow in disdain or amusement because I've been Botoxed to immobility, I don't want to go on living.

What's YOUR personal fixer-upper area?

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