Monday, March 12, 2007

Tulips on my Organ

Purple ones!

They're really on my desk, not my organ, but because my motto seems to be "a good line is good line and should be used early and often," I went with the organ thing to pique the interest of all the naughty girls and boys out there in Internetlandia.

The tulips (on my desk, NOT my organ, hee!) are a gift of gratitude from someone I helped move. I didn't expect anything for helping out a friend in need. I'm not the kind to stand around with my hand out waiting for a treat or honorarium or beer or even a word of thanks. I figure I was asked to help, I helped, and that kind of sealed the deal. End of story.

But the tulips? A nice touch.


More tomorrow. I'm going to go try to do some work, now that the giant Kirin I had at lunch has worn off somewhat.

Mmmm, sushi and Japanese beer.

And enough wasabi on that one piece of futomaki to make my eyes water for a few minutes. I totally LOVE that. Pickled ginger, a glob of wasabi the size of a fresh pencil eraser, and an impossibly HUGE piece of sushi. Such the yum.

Made by the presence of three lovely and witty galfriends, who can talk serious beezwax AND who's the hottest hottie of the hot in Hollywood in almost the same breath. BONUS better points because we talked GIRL hotties too.

Sorry Jenifer Aniston, you don't get our vote as hot. But heLLOOO Val Kilmer! Come join us next time and feel the lurve! Or you, Sean Connery. Or even YOU, man who stars in "The 300" that we don't know the name of. More Kirin and sake! Woo!

Oopsie - time to work. And maybe sober up a tiny bitty touch.

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