Friday, March 09, 2007

Belated, as is to be expected

Because Wordnerd asked us to, I forthwith present my Wordplay Wednesday, two days late.

You are welcome, I'm sure.

A word that describes me is:
Tall (Gosh, that was dull. Let's hope the prompts pick up from here)

My favorite word is:
Snuggle. Sounds as good as it feels.

My least favorite word is:
Hate. It's a strong strong word that carries no positive connotation at all.

Use these two words in a sentence:
I hate to snuggle with porcupines or monotremes; however, a quick clutch with a kangaroo sounds rather nice.

A word I have to think twice about pronouncing is:


Nah, I don't really have to think about most words. If I pronounce them wrong, there's a good chance nobody else knows what they are anyhow.

Recently I've begun pronoucing "out" as though I'm from Canada (not "oot," but something close). I believe that a good look at my brain may reveal a small stroke event in my speech area that has caused me to believe that I'm from BC, for this word and this word only. How very odd, and yet I cannot stop myself. Combine this with my developing southernisms, and you've got yourself one confusing mess o'accent going on.

Maybe I should just switch to all-Brooklyn, all the time and get it over with.

Make that "Ohvah wit."

Yeah, dat's it.

Dictionaries. Printed or online?
Both. Several of each, including medical dictionaries for work, which are fascinating reading. My my, the things that can go WRONG with a person! Absolutely horrifying, in a Mutter Museum kind of way.

A word whose meaning I cannot seem to retain no matter how many times I look it up is ...
Clinquant. I love the word, can't remember for the LIFE of me what it means. I keep thinking it's adult in nature, but it's really not. Not really.

Open a dictionary to a random page and find a word you don’t know. Post the word and its meaning.
infralapsarian: a believer in the Calvinist doctrine that the election of some men to salvation followed and was a consequence of man's fall, OR relating to this doctrine or to one believing in it.

OK y'all - this is totally confusing. Lemme look it up on the interwebs....

One of that class of Calvinists who consider the decree of election as contemplating the apostasy as past and the elect as being at the time of election in a fallen and guilty state; -- opposed to Supralapsarian. The former considered the election of grace as a remedy for an existing evil; the latter regarded the fall as a part of God's original purpose in regard to men.

Well, didn't I just pick a winner of a word? I STILL have no idea what it means!!

More research is required. Ah, here we go. I get it now. Read for yourself and see if the bright light of understanding doesn't shine on you too!

And with the learning portion of this post ovah wit, we can move on to the next bit! Hooray!

Use the word above and the word you can never remember in a sentence.
It is my understanding that most modern Christians believe in a infralapsarian-based theology, however, surpalapsarianism has a certain appeal for those who can accept in a more purposeful God and the preordination of a select group of humans as elect to a clinquant salvation.

One of the most overused words in my area of work/study is


Well, that was kind of interesting, I think.


You know how to tell when a kid is really sick not not just faking it to get out of school?

When they start choke-crying while laying DOWN in the back seat of the car as you're getting ready to drop them off AT THE DOOR to school.

Oh yes, THAT'S about as clear a signal as it can get, aside from projectile vomiting or green-tinged flesh.

FYI - it's not even 9:30, and the aformentioned sick kid is now lounging on the couch watching AFV and having a snack.

Either he's a REALLLLY good actor, or he's had the fastest-moving ailment in the history of sickness. I think I got suckered into an ad hoc vacay day for that child. The stinker.


I faked being sick only ONCE when I was a kid. Should have known that a human can't generate a temperature of 107 degrees without some serious bad-ass illness working. Mom saw right THROUGH the hold-the-thermometer-over-a-lightbulb trick, and packed my faking carcass off to school.

How 'bout you? You ever pull off some good "get out of school free" sick days? How did you manage? I need to learn. Leave your secrets in the comments.

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