Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is the way we go to work

I've spent the better part of several posts whining about all the worky-workage I got going on right now. This does NOT make for interesting blog fodder, now does it? Nobody wants to hear about how I'm up to my a-- in alligators and how I had to offload one of my projects onto a coworker or how people who shall remain nameless are questioning my motives and hours billed and how I kinda got called into the boss' office yesterday morning (FIRST THING! EEEEK!) to talk over "issues."

God in heaven, NO, this does NOT make for interesting blog fodder!

So, it's time to change the subject.



As I was commuting (a tangential work reference, but you'll need to practice forgiveness) this morning, an ominous line of cars began to form before me in a place that normally does not lend itself to line-age.

Uh-oh, I thought. Something is clearly amiss.

Stuck traffic light? Construction? Accident? Deer strike?

Accident it was, as was evidenced fairly quickly by the scream of rescue equipment sirens roaring up from behind.

This being the south, everyone on both sides of the 2-lane road pulled over onto the shoulder, allowing a veritable red carpet of asphalt to appear for the day-savers in the red and white trucks! What synchrony of cooperation it was, and a beautiful thing to behold.

Three trucks roared by, blasting and hollering and flashing, then disappearing into the distance as we resumed our regular spots on the roadway while craning our necks for a better look at what was surely going to be one of the most interesting things to happen to us all day long.

Not too far after that point (oh, say, 15 minutes of a 5 MPH crawl), the flashing lights were once again evident at the scene of an accidental collision (I assume here that it was accidental) of a van and a small red car. The entire back end of the small red car was caved in, indicating that the driver of the van was simply NOT paying attention to conditions and plowed right the heck on into the back of the small red car at a high rate of velocity.

KABOOM! Kinetic energy meet inertia! Ouch.

From all appearances, no-one was seriously hurt - no stretchers or wildly gesticulating EMTs were seen, no flares or loud walkie-talkie converstaions were being had. All in all, it looked like your run-of-the-mill accidental collision between a total moron who didn't pay attention and the person in front of them.

As I passed the ambulance, I could see that there were a few people sitting in the back, looking for all the world like they were getting ready to take part in a parade. No overt injuries, no tears, just some sedate-looking folks getting ready to be hauled off to the ER for a rather differnt morning's activities than they had planned.

For a moment, I actually wished I was one of them.

Come ON, you KNOW it would be a great story, and a terrific way to get a morning off from work. A trip in the ECNALUBMA to a hospital, where you'd get a cool wristband and all the water-in-a-paper cup you could drink while nursing your sore head/shoulder/knee/pride, waiting for the Docs to come pronounce you well/sick/injured, and then to X-ray or HOME you go. No work for YOU today! Nosirrebob, you've been in an ACCIDENT, and by golly you deserve a REST and maybe a mid-morning cocktail to soothe your frazzled nerves!

Sigh - but it was NOT me, and Tinkerbell (my car) lives to see another commute performed in its usual fashion. Yawn.

Move along, there's nothing to see here.


Over at the Spiffytown guest post-a-rama, Renn declares something very interesting indeed.


And, if I'm not mistaken, today's the first day back for the WVSR in over a week. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief.....


That's all folks - I gotta go. Come on back tomorrow, when I will no doubt continue this staggerting stretch of not-terribly-interesting blog posts about my white-bread white-collar life.

I'm CERTAIN that you simply canNOT wait.

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