Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh, Kenju, what have you done?

So, in trolling through my sitemeter stats this afternoon (an aside: what, don't y'all obsessively check to see who's coming to your site, hoping to see the hit counters a-spinnin' and the visitors come a-flocking (which sounds naughty, but isn't) through some invisible force of new-found popularity?) I decided to view "referrals" rather than just plain ol' numbers, because from time to time I like to see just HOW much traffic s generated from things like:

efudex pictures" (still a big winner here at NAY. Who knew that being treated for precancerous skin lesions would be so good for the blog?)
cat scaly flaky ears" (Boy, I feel really badly for some poor itchy scabby-eared Swedish cat today)
aunts giving enemas" (because, some do, apparently, and somehow someone interested in that very thing found my site. The shame and secret titillation are almost too much to bear)
bloody tattoo" (Can you tell I'm fairly beaming with pride at this one?)

Amongst the referrals today, though, was something very curious indeed. It was a direct jump from the BOB site.

Hello! thought I. What's all this then?

Being a bear of very little brain and a kitty of very great curiosity, I clicked on the link to find out that........(drum roll please!)

Kenju nominated this here NAY for "funniest blog."

Oh, dear Lord.

Jeepers woman! I thought you were my FRIEND! We've broken BREAD together! Great Scott, do you not recognize the implication of this nomination?

No? Well then I'll tell you - - I'm going to have to come across with the funny now. Like, until voting is over with. Or, you know, if NAY makes it into the finals. Or past whatever the next step is.

I'm already exhausted.

And grateful. You really are a good friend, even if you're secretly trying to kill me.


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