Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A love poem for the rest of us, plus one

As requested by JC last week, during my "Make Tiff Dance"-athon, a love poem.


She had lipstick on her teeth and coffee on her breath
And big pink foam curlers in her hair
She was humming a tune she learned long ago
At the Conshawken Agricultural Fair

In the pale morning light she twirled a few steps
Like she did the first night that we met
When once she was young, firm, and carefree
My perfect pale pink loving pet

Sometimes I know that she yearns for her youth
For the strength and the nerve and the tautness
Then I tell her I'll think of her always and forever
As my girl of the ultimate hotness

Fine and fair, fine and fair
She's my darling
Always and forever she'll be
Fine and fair fine and fair
Oh my darling
Won't you dance once again with me.


So, uh, maybe not TOTALLY a love poem, but, heh, when someone (who might be JC but might also not be, even though I have the e-mail to prove it WAS her) feeds you a first line like the one I might maybe have requested of her, you have to do what you can with them.....


Here's another one, a little more sexy, for all y'all that want to copy it and send it along to your one troo luv today. I give you permission to say you wrote it.

Go on, I KNOW you know that poetry and fancy words, even if they're written by someone else, totally makes you lovers' day. They're lying if they say it doesn't.

Come to me my love,
For in dreams I I see your face
And feel the touch of gentle love
The warmth of your embrace

Come to me my love,
And spend some time aside me
To touch, breathe, kiss, love,
To light a fire inside me

Come to me my love,
And let us spend these hours
In the dalliance and total bliss
Of our love, only ours'.

Yeah - you use that on whoever you love, and I'll just bet you that you git a little sump'n sump'n fer it.

Oh, you'll notice that there are no titles for either of these poems. Feel free to use the comments to suggest something. I suck at title-ing stuff....

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