Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm Planning a Sesquicentennial Exhortation of Clinquant Omniscients

Oh my goodness. I have just been introduced to some of the funniest stuff on the internets.

And, while it's apparent that I am very late to the game, I'm still playing, and thus would like to share with you the goodness that is Dudes - while there are more ways to waste time on the internet than there are stars in the sky, and while I see this as only a good thing, some stars of time-wastage shine much more brightly than others, and this particular star is one of those white gianty masses of hot-damn goodness.

One of the most popular things on Homestarrunner (as I understand) is the answering of reader e-mails by one of the characters (Strong Bad). If you start here, and work your way UP from the bottom, there are hours and hours of hilarity to gobble down like the greedy like humor vacuums I know you are.

Not that y'all are humorless vacuums, no no NO! I simply mean that you are probably hungry for humor, hungry, I say, and need to fill up your half-empty dust bags of laughter lives with the rich deposits of ....... aw crap, this analogy isn't working. Just go, visit, laugh, and thank me later.


Somewhere on the internets there is at least one other blog with the same post title as mine today. Or will be.


Last night, on the drive home, a mailbox disguised as a deer almost jumped out in front of me.

Good thing it didn't because that would have been really weird.


Anybody still have their Christmas tree up?

Ours came down two-tree weeks ago; a dry tinder pile of resinated twigs, covered with a thin dusting of dog hair. Poor tree, all dessicated and droopy.

I didn't worry about it catching fire or anything (because I watch Mythbusters!), but I did worry a tiny bit about "appearances" should any of our nonexistent friends want to drop by unexpectedly.

(Note: if you're ever going to come by my house, pleasepleaseplease call first. I'm not a huge fan of "open house" policies due to some consternating clutter and cleanliness issues. Not MY issues, for I am not a clutter-phile, but they're there all the same and I'm the one who runs around like a rabid bunny come visitin' time, scooping up papers and socks and dog-hair tumbleweeds.....)

Anyhoo - the tree got taken apart over the course of a cupla weeks by the hard-working-for-short-spurts Things 1 and 2, and about two weeks ago the spousal unit dragged it out the front door, I THOUGHT it have a little driveway bonfire. Bless him, he even swept up the stray 3 pounds of needles that dropped when the tree was moved ever so slightly.

And, you might ask, where is the tree now?

The correct answer would be: still in the front yard!

All we need now is an El Dorado on the lawn and we've got the perfect Redneck chateau. It's darned good thing nobody can see our house from the road.

So, like I said before, if you're going to come visit, please call first. It'll give me a chance to chuck the tree into the woods, at least.

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