Saturday, February 17, 2007

6 weird things

Yeah yeah yeah.......everybody's playing the brand new interweb party game called "let me tell you 6 weird things about me so the you can either 1) love me more than you do right now beecuz you are a freak like that or 2) recognize that I am indeed a walking mass of contradictions and pecadillos and decide to run screaming into the night without even putting your slippers on first."

I'm hoping that MY list generates more 1's than 2's.

Here goes:

1) I hate "sock bunches". I wear socks little, if at all, and when I do I turn them inside out so that the seam thing doesn't rub on my pinkie toe and make me go insane within 2 hours.

2) Along the same lines - I cannot wear turtlenecks. Despite how cute I look in them, there's no amount of "slave to fashion" that can induce me to spend more than a few minutes in one, because it feels like I'm being choked, very slowly. I don't do well with choking.

3) I firmly believe that there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to load a dishwasher. (take THAT, Hyperion!) I will rearrange the plates and cups and stuff so that it is loaded correctly. It's more, um, efficient to do it that way!

4) Likewise - all coffee cups from a set should be placed together in the cabinet, and all the plates from a set should be stacked together, and not interspersed with OTHER plates in some kind of hodgepodge of angularity.

(NOTE: I know that the easy answer to this is to get ALL THE SAME KIND OF TABLEWARE, but they don't make the pattern I really like anymore and I don't want to get rid of them because they are a happy yellow-and-blue pattern and so we got something complimentary that stacks differently and therefore drives me a little crazy.)

I have been known to re-stack if someone else empties the dishwasher. I do so quietly, unobtrusively, because if I tell people it's because I think the plates are more COMFORTABLE that way they might think I'm odd.

5) My sense of smell sucks.

6) I believe that stuffed animals are alive. Carnivals and fairs, therefore, make me a little sad, because of all those poor stuffies hanging out just waiting for someone to love them. (corollary - I have NEVER thrown out or given away a stuffed animal. EVER. That's a sin that's up there with throwing out books.)


There you go TracyLynn - I played along! Thanks for the tag, BTW - all this soul-baring is refreshingly creepy!

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