Monday, January 22, 2007

Prithee, be a Smithee

One of my bloggies (there are several by now if you're keeping count, not all of which I advertise and no I'm not going to tell you even if you beg) just birthed a new baby. I am so proud, for it is cute and snuggly and smells so good I just want to bury my nose in its little tummy and breathe, breathe, breathe.

To be more to the point (and oh, there is one), the February Wordsmiths Challenge has been posted, and needs
you to help raise it to full potential.

But THIS time, there's a very odd twist. Or is it goofy? Silly? Nonsensical? Slapstick?

You decide, for should you choose to smith yourself a word baby, it's up to you how it turns out.


I was talking with a friend the other day, and the subject of undergarments made of sea creatures came up.

Y'all, you now know the kinds of conversations I have.....

It got me thinking - Aside from Ariel's scallop-shell bra (I'm thinking C cup, whaddaya YOU think?), what other things could be used to fashion underwater unmentionables out of?

Kelp skirts. Jellyfish bras (watch those nematocysts!). Sea cucumber thongs. Starfish pasties.

Why, the possibilities are endless.

So why do all mermaids (and, perhaps some mermen, if they like Merman) wear daggone SHELL BRAS? Also, why bras? They're
underwater. Boobs are remarkably buoyant underwater. Why, even the most endowed of us looks positively Anderson-esque when underwater. I just don't get the whole seashell-bra thing, I guess. Aren't they also a wee bit uncomfortable? Sure, there's less of a chance of someone telling if you've just been swimming through cold water, 'cuz who can see through a seashell (say that three times fast), but otherwise, they're kind clunky. And finding one that fits would be tough. You'd have to comb the sea floor, affixing them to see if they've got the right suction power and fit, and then find two that MATCH.....oy, it makes my brain hurt.

Then there's the question of barnacles. Yowch.

So, yeah, there must be something ELSE under the sea (sing it with me!) to make your dirty little secrets out of. You know, if you were the kind of person who wonders about that sort of thing.


The second meeting of the HIRABA (
Highly Intelligent/Irrational/Insightful/Irresistable Raleigh Area Bloggers Association) meets this Thursday at 12:30 at the Earth Fare buffet, which is off of Brier Creek Parkway.

If you're in the area, consider yourself invited. We'll be the ones in that booth over there laughing hysterically while eating edamame and tofu curd-y things.

Also, and one last thing, we're considering changing the name to HITABA, for
Highly I/I/I/I TRIANGLE Area Blogger's Association, so that all y'all in Apple Chill and Durham feel the bloggerly lurve. It will be a point of conversation Thursday, I'm sure.

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