Monday, January 01, 2007

I have not fogotten you

UPDATE TO A PREVIOUS POST: I just re-read my story for the latest Wordsmiths challenge (see two posts down...), and realized that on editing out some stray coding garbage that had made its way into the post through some oddity of transcription from Word to Blogger, I had inadvertently DELETED the one line in the story that should NOT have been deleted. If you've already read the story, please go back and see if the tale doesn't make a little more sense now that Selnot has uttered something a tad unusual on being presented with the box.

Now for the regular post.


Fear not, my friends, for my absence from the blogosphere is almost officially over, as, I hope, yours is.

Things have been pretty slow here lately, which is no surprise because the BIG HOLIDAY SEASON SMACKDOWN has come upon us like a freight train, blowing deafiningly loud celebratory horns while rumbling through the end of the year with soot and smoke belching from its dark undercarriage.

(Hey, if I can't liken the onslaught and impact of the holiday season with a large piece of outmoded transportation equipment, I'd feel cheated. Just roll with it, baby.)

2006 saw some really cool things happen for the Tiffster, some in real life and some in this virtual world. A quick recap, for those of you playing along at home:

Real world -

- sold one house
- bought another
- got the whole family living under one roof again
- kept my job
- didn't have a brain tumor
- didn't have breast cancer (wasn't expecting to, but hey, it counts!)
- didn't have any other major malady (if you don't count the whole rhomboid major issue, and I'm not, because if I IGNORE it it will FINALLY go away and I won't have to live with the odd whole-arm tingle that comes about if I tip my head the wrong way)
- got back into the pool and onto the treadmill
- maintained friendships with wonderful friends, including Q, RI Red, Bloggerwannabe, Oldfriend, Hovatter 62, and many more. Was lucky to be able to SEE all these folks this year, even though they are far-flung indeed.
- made wonderful new friends, including Kim and Rennratt and Cravey, and feel astonishingly lucky to have them right around the corner from me in real life.

Virtual world -

- a full year at NAY, including going over 10000 visitors and a regular roster of marvelous commenters. To say that this is sweeeeeet would be an understatement of the largest proportion.
- making TONS of new blogging friends, including the awesome and powerful Wordnerd, the amazing and insightful Rennratt, the magnificently understated kenju, the snarkily wicked Mopeychick, the spectacularly talented Kingfisher, the sweetly evil Cravey, the evilly sweet Tracy Lynn, the freshly minted and minty fresh Biff Spiffy, the consistently calm Kim, and the future ruler of the world Hyperion. There are others, many many others, and you know who you are. Thanks for coming here and reading, thanks for e-mailing and IM-ing, thanks for meeting me for lunch, thanks for joining in with me on side ventures, thanks for letting me share your lives with you and being so generous as to share yours with me. Your distinct personalities, humor, and support have been a marvelous discovery to make, each and every time I make it.
- Monkeybarn.
- Wordsmiths Unlimited (Have you written your story yet? Hmmmm?)
- The PBAA (that one's for married folks only, as Hyperion would say).
- The mystery blog that once was useful and that, thankfully, is no longer. It served its purpose, and may yet again, but I sure hope it doesn't.

2006 sure was something, wasn't it? I hope that when you look back on that year that was, you have much for which to be thankful.

I hope that 2007 brings along with it nothing but good for you and yours.

Our regular programming continues tomorrow. See you then.

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