Tuesday, January 30, 2007

370 is not a prime number

Ten-fold entries ago would have been prime. Warning, this entry may only be Grade A.

(Ahahahahaaaa! A meat inspector joke!)

Begs the question: What WAS the 37th entry here at NAY?

Huh - after much counting and archives trolling, I do believe it was this one.

Which reminds me to ask y'all: how the heck does one roll out more than 300 entries in the "view from" menu in blogger? I only see how to look at 300, which seems like a lot, and perhaps is the upper limit of most blogger's capacities to create the ultimate in pointless drivel, and yet I'm keeping on keepin' on with the entry thang, and just now realized that it might be nice to have a linky list to zap to that has all the entries arranged in chronological order with some kind of indexing so I can quickly look up stuff I've done or topics about which I've already posted and,,,,,daggone, this sounds like a lot of work.

Someone, please, tell me it's easy.

If not easy, then someone please tell me that a moron like me can do it in less than a dawg's age, 'cuz I do not have that kind of time. I am far too busy thinking up the next installment of the ultimate in pointless drivel for that.


Driving into work this morning, I passed something that made me think.

A walker, next to the weekly trash.

Clarification - a MANGLED walker, out with the weekly trash.

What on earth happened?

Did Granny forget to put the Impala into Park when she got out and it backed over her sole mode of perambulation transport?

Did Junior get pissed at Grandpa because he refused to fork over RedMan money, again, and so flung the old man's crutch against the kitchen wall, then stole his wallet out of the back of his baggy old man pants, mocking to "catch me if you can, you toothless old porch hound"?

Did PopPop pass on, and the walker is the last sad reminder of his time here on earth, but it was taking up too much room in the combo living room/guest suite so the loving family, not but three days after his passing, chucked the shiny metal locomotion aide out with the rest of his moldy belongings?

Or, did Granny finally get the hip replacement she's been waiting for, and, once given the all-clear by the PT, stood at the door of the farmhouse and slung that freaking walker as far as she could, shouting "BITE MEEEEEEEE!" as it spun, twinkling, through the cold January air?

One does wonder, doesn't one? Please tell me it's not just me who does.


Oh, and y'all, a word of thanks is what you owe me for this entry. I was going to post something really dark that I wrote a while ago (it's a story, totally fiction, and yet......not HAPPY fiction), but thought better of it.

I'm simply not in that foul a mood.

However, the week is young. You may see it yet.


Also, and in closing, this is the last thing. A joke! Yay!

Two guys walk into a bar. That had to hurt.

Heheheheh. Why not take this chance to top that joke with a "something walks into a bar" joke of your own? C'mon, you KNOW you've got one. Or six. Lay 'em on me.

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