Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let X = x

So, the song reference from yesterday. Very obscure, I know. I think only bloggerwannabe would have gotten it, but because she's been absent from these here parts for a while (something about job and three kids, imagine!) I guess I'll just have to come right out and tell you.

It's Laurie Anderson.

"Let X=x."

What, you didn't know this off the top of your head?

Well, for shame. I guess it's not everyone who listened to avant-garde electrohead music in the 80's when that kind of thing was waaaaay cool and everybody in the music department was clamoring to recite the lyrics of obscure songs (and some not-so-obscure ones).

Laurie Anderson was one of the Music Dept darlings. Kind of over-the-top for the time, very wry. Very NOT regular music.

It's not everyone who can work "thanks for puttin' on the feedbag" into a tune, after all.

For your listening pleasure, I present herein a link to the aforementioned tune, and also to her MySpace page, because, you know, it's kind of weirdcool that she's even GOT a MySpace page and I kind of wish I could be her bestest friend and she could teach me how to play that electric violin that ain't got no strings nohow. Why, it's like the Pinocchio of instruments.

Ahem, that's another obscure song reference.

Anyhow - here's the song link:

Let X=x (from Amazon, so only a little clippie, and you have to scroll down the song list to start 'er up. Listen to all the others. If you're of a certain age I'll bet it takes you on the wayback ride in a heartbeat)

And here's the MySpace page link:

Laurie Anderson at MySpace (turn on the sound, and you can hear "O Superman." AWESOME!!)


My feets is back on the ground in NC. Ah, the tall tall pines, what a change from NJ.

More tomorrow.

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