Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post 298

Well, almost 300 posts into this blog thing and I think I'm getting the hang of it.


I head a song this morning that included the lines "I'm haunted by the freaky size of Nancy Reagan's head / No way that thing came with that body." It's by a group called "Mission of Burma" that is making a comeback after 20 years of inactivity (obligatory Wikipedia reference here)

Dudes, they're a REAL 80's band that's come back from the dead and is getting new air time. How cool is that?


It seems we're back to the random postings. My apologies while I blow out the brain dust prior to settling the needle back into the grooves of stability.

(A turntable reference! God, I rock.)


Maybe I'm feeling a little nostalgic. I blame the local alt-rock station, WKNC ("The Revolution") for this. The playlists lately, at least during the morning commute time, are chock-full of 80's sounding music, with certain tunes highly reminiscent of Neil Young-isms, a nod or six to They Might Be Giants, and a certain bouncy wry humor pervading some of the music (hello, "Ween"? Love the Mr Fancypants tune, but dudes, your official website gives me a headache!)

This is a partial list of yesterday's commute music:

9:22AM The Killers The Ballad of Michael Valentine
9:16AM The White Stripes Take, Take, Take
9:12AM Kings of Convenience I'd Rather Dance With You
9:10AM Ween Hey there Fancypants
9:05AM The Raveonettes Uncertain Times
9:02AM Shins So Say I
8:59AM Bellini The Buffalo Song
8:55AM Super Black Market Belt of Scotch
8:50AM The Stills Lets Roll

Now, I don't know jack shite about most new music, but this is the kind of playlist that just makes me happy. I don't give a rat's patootie if the song I like is by a group EVERYBODY knows or if it's by some struggling local group, if it makes me car dance and start playing an invisible drumset, that's good enough for me.

KNC also streams.

So cool.


I had a moment of panic yesterday when it appeared that my ability to IM had been torn from me by the powers that be at my place of employment.

Apparently, the panic was premature.

However, it DID lead me to think about how much time I spend in IM sessions, and I've come to realize that this amount of time can be summed up with the phrase "far too much." Oopsie!

Fall seems to create this desire in me to actually start to visit a place most people like to call "productivity." I think it's because fall carries the whole "back to school" and "harvest your crops" messages that are the memes through which humanity gets its collective ass in gear to prepare for Big Things To Come.

So, I am making the tremendous sacrifice of absenting myself, by and large, from the IM sphere for most of my workday.

Heaven only KNOWS what miracles will be wrought by this bold move. Why I may even get that training backlog cleaned up!

More news as events progress. For now, I must start my journey to Productivity.


Wait! Thanks to all y'all who commented about what to call our tee-tiny wee bloggies, I believe we have a weener!


Yes? No?

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