Saturday, November 04, 2006

Officially unofficial

Firstly - this is post the 300th.


Secondly, this is post the 300th because I think that maybe I'd be interested in engaging in a little unofficial NaBloPoMo action, but because I'm not usually a "joiner," and because, well, something terrible might happen to me this month that will prevent my blogging one or several days during this most festive period, I cannot officially join because then if I do I'll feel all obligated and stressed and I cannot have that kind of thing at all.

You understand.

Thirdly - a little Googling on the word "masturblog" reveals only 89 hits, many of which are for foreign-language sites or domain names for hire. You'll be pleased to know that as a term, it is exactly what you think it is, or so I learned by clicking through to some enormously popular British guy's website which, even on weekends, is getting over a thousand visits A DAY. Weekdays, it's more on the order of 3500 visitors A DAY. His sitemeter counter is at something 1,435,352 right now, and he is is a "Large Mammal" in some blog ecosystem or other......

(That sobbing sound you're probably hearing is me. Pay no attention as I seethe with jealousy and weep the bitter tears of harsh envy.)

Trouble for me is that this fellow, who I'm purposely NOT linking to here (but who's first name begins with a T and if you google masturblog he ought to be on the first page of results or so), actually puts CONTENT on his site. Content like website roundups and opinion pieces and such. I have to admit to myself that I do not normally engage in such contentapalloozas, for I am much too selfish for that, and therefore will struggle along, masturblogging my little heart out until the end times, most likely.

Hee! I love that term! Masturblog! Nothing can take that bit of hilarity from me!

Fifthly - are we at fifthly yet? Oops, no.

Therefore, FOURTHLY, as I listen to the whoops and hollers of Thing 1 and Thing 2 with their cousin coming from upstairs, and wonder how 2 p.m. now looks like 5 p.m., and that I love how my house looks when it's clean, I realize how fortunate I truly am, even if all I am is just another damned masturblogger.

Thus endeth post the 300th, and my official unoffical entry into NaBloPoMo. Can't wait to see how THIS turns out.

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