Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weird Al scared my children

A life lesson:

Just because YOU think something is hilariously funny, does not mean your children do.

Case in point - Weird Al's "Weasel Stomping Day."

Rennratt first played it for me, and it left me gapsing for air only a minute or so into it. Freaking hilarious, the stuff of ridiculousity supreme. I could not wait to play it for my children.

10 seconds into it, one started to cry, and one got very angry with me. They HATED it. They resent me even mentioning it now.

Mmmmm-kay. Must re-prioritize the funny. Move back to Monty Python and go on from there.

Being a parent is hard work sometimes.


Who's better - Shakespeare or Henry Miller?


Today I wear the second tee-shirt of happiness, and all is well. Still happy.


The scary stuff continues at the MonkeyBarn. Today finds Seraph in a great deal of trouble and Joel revived in Candyland. Wonder what will happen next?

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusions of both stories.


Question you may be asking yourself - what's with all the random here lately?

I blame it on fall. I also blame it on being done with a couple of projects at work that were planning to kill me. The good news is that I killed them first, and now my mind is free to roam where it usually does when left to its own devices. Q, or Renn, or even Wordnerd can tell you that conversations with me are often things of tangent and nonsequitor; this is simply the way my brain works and if you can't keep up, then don't stand in line to get on the ride.

There are often times, during a conversation, that I pause and try to reconstruct the path that led from point A to point Z, and cannot do it. Anybody else do that? The ol' "how did I get here?" thing?

While IMing with the faboo Wordnerd a few days ago, we covered quite the range of topics, from kids to work to sex to other bloggers to, oh, I don't know, I think a coupla two tree dozen other things, all in the space of about an hour. Amazing! The ping-pongy interchange is so much more satisfying to me than beating a topic to death and not knowing where to go from there.

Anyhow, the random, it appears, is here for a while, or at least until next Tuesday, because on Hallowe'en I've got a little story to tell you (as part of the wordsmiths monthly challenge) that might make you wonder why you even bother to come around here. It's pretty intense, as all good ghost stories should be.

Don't say I didn't warn you, 'kay?

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