Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Many things, all at once

First - have you ever wanted to write a spooky story? Have you? HAve you ever wanted to write a spooky SHORT story? Have you? Hmmmm?

Well, NOW'S your chance! The
Wordsmiths have struck again with a writing challenge for November! It's a good 'un for all y'all with an eerie bone.


Next - newsflash - the brain MRI came up clean.

Begin celebrating now.


Question for ya - what was you favorite Hallowe'en costume of ALL TIME?????

As a kid, I was a clown a lot of the time. I think we just had the costumes lying around, and Mom would do up our faces with her makeup, and that was it.

One year, when I was 12, I dressed up in some antebellum thing my mother had from a church show she was in, and paraded myself around as quite the grand lady. I think that was the last year I went trick-or-treating, because young ladies with curves, even if they ARE only young teenagers, should probably NOT be flouncing around in the dark begging for candy from strangers.

If I recall correctly, that last Hallowe'en I went out with my friend Bonnie. Just the 2 of us. No parents! We were so grown up! It was scary! There were boys! I was thrilled! I don't recall we did much door-to-door work; rather, we spent a lot of time walking along busier streets waiting for people (boys! teenagers!) to honk at us or yell something sexy.

Remember, I was 12. Hormone-induced stupidity started early.

Anyhow, I think that one was my favorite costume, because it's almost the only one I remember that wasn't a clown.


One last thing - does Starbuck's coffe make you fee like you're head is spinning if you drink it on an empty stomach? It does to me. Good God, I'm buzzing! Woo!

I don't normally "do" the Bux, but the local upscale coffee place has closed (for lack of business, apparently, because it was in a craptabulous location), and this morning after getting the "all clear" on the tumor thing I was in the mood for a little caffeinated bucking up. So, I ordered my a Grande Breakfast Blend with room (I'm lingo-tastic! Lookit me over here with the fancy bux-speak!), and tossed that sucker down in about a half an hour. And hour later, and I'm ready to levitate. That's some good sheeyit right there, that is!

It's probably a good thing I didn't get the high-test rocket fuel, or I'd be having palpiations or be on the ceiling right about now.


That's it for today, y'all! I've got work to do!

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