Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breaking news, and other stuff

Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes something like eyelash transplants to make you take a step back and ponder your own sense of omniscience.


Thanks to all y'all who stopped over at Renn's to offer words of condolence after the unexpected death of her Mom. You guys rock.


The Monkeybarn stories are up to part 3, and are totally shaping up into something fine indeed. Check 'em out!


We had a little scare at Casa Teef last night. Not to worry, peeps, not to worry,for all is well.

It's just that at 2:30 a.m., when you smell something on fire, it's a little unnerving. Oh yes, the scent of something burning, some dusty thing in the throes of incineration, wafted through the second floor of our home as we slept sweetly in our beds, waking us parental units right the heck on up and bouncing us straight into "frightened detective" mode. The husband in his baggy drawers and me in my baggy nightie searched the premises, fueled by a mighty surge of adrenaline - where was the smell coming from? Which child was playing with matches? Was the roof on fire? Had squirrels chewed through some electrical wiring, setting the house ablaze (and, perhaps roasting themselves to a furry crisp in the process)?

As luck would have it, after our brief frenzied search no flames were found, no smoke alarms sounded, no fried rodentia were identified, and the mutual decision was that the inaugural engagement of the heating system for the second floor had cleaned out the system, so to speak, by immolating all and sundry stray objects that were in the way of providing the human inhabitants with warm goodness.

Within a few minutes the smell had dissipated (or, we had grown tolerant to it), and we all awoke this morning none the worse for the experience.

It was pretty exciting while it lasted. Thanks heavens it didn't last that long.


Word for Wednesday:

oscitant (OS-i-tant) adjective

1. Yawning, gaping from drowsiness.
2. Inattentive, dull, negligent.

[From Latin oscitant, present participle of oscitare (to yawn), from os (mouth) + citare (to move).]

Use: I should have been oscitant this morning after last night's shenanigans, but instead awoke alert and vivacious.


Today is my blogversary. One year ago today I started in on this foolishness.

Read all about it here. Hoo-boy, I started out all serious, didn't I?


This post is all OVAH the place, bespeaking my current mood (and yes, I can use "bespeaking" if I want to - it's my blog).

Here's the closer, a little thing to make you go "hmmm," and a small shout-out to Lady Jane Scarlett, who wanted some serious quotey action yesterday and did not get it. This is not the quote I was going to use yesterday (for its time has passed), but it's one just as good.

"Even in the worm that crawls in the earth there glows a divine spark. When you slaughter a creature, you slaughter God. "

-Isaac Bashevis Singer, Writer, Nobel laureate (1904-1991)

Think on that one for a little while, and just how miraculous any life is. It's a wonderment to me on a regular basis. Is it to you?

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