Friday, September 01, 2006

Grab-bag Friday

"Set Randomizer to Stun, Mr Sulu! "

Here's another little contribution by Thing 2, the lovely 9-year-old boy who lives in our house.

Setting: the car, this morning, driving to school.

Thing 2: "Mom, are we still in Wake County?"
Me: "Yep."
Thing 2: "OK" (leans over to fake-stab Thing 1 in the head with a souvenier New York City pen while saying "stab, stab, stab" with each motion)
Me: "What are you doing? Is being in Wake County enough for you to stab your brother in the head with a pen?"
Thing 2: "Yes."
Me: "Listen here young man, that's not appropriate behavior!"
Thing 2: "YOU'RE a young man."
Me: "I am not a young man, look, I have boobies."
Thing 2: "OK then, you're an OLD man."
Me: "Bwahahahahahaaaa!"


Don't forget! The newest
500-word challenge is going on now. Get your story in today. Or, tomorrow. Or, well, anytime before next Wednesday morning.

I KNOW you have it in you. Come on, it's JUST 500 words!

In the immortal words of Tony Little, "You can do iiiiit!!!"


Va. senator who used slur declines award

And I quote: "I jusss don think thish ish going to be of, of, of, value to ush, an' so wanna say 'no thanksh to thish uh-uh-uh award."


I see London
I see Spain
I see the weather camera
Sees the rain

Ernesto, for the whipping winds and the raining rains and the flooding streets and the splishy splash of the wipers, beating out a tempo to the song on the radiooooo, whoa whoa whoooooa.

Big snarky thanks for not being strong enough to cancel school or work, you wuss. Could you maybe tell you siblings to try just a little harder so that this ol' gal can check the news and find out school's out and work is closed so she can then crawl back into bed and pull the comforter over her head and drop right smack dab back into dreamland? Mmmm, school day sleep-ins.........I sure could use one. See what you can do, 'kay?

Seriously though, Ernie, we were getting right parched around here, and the several inches of rain you dumped made the lakes such a pretty rust-red color from all the dirt that washed into them that I'm ready to dive right in for a refreshing "swim-n-fake tan" combo treatment. Who needs bronzer when the LAKE can do it for you?

All in all, you weren't very bad storm, just a little puffed up with self-importance, which is kind of fun because I like windy days, and you did water us all pretty thoroughly, which we needed.

Well played, Ernesto, well played.

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