Friday, August 11, 2006

Don't Ragu on me, baby

Sometimes I love the me some titling action! Yessir, today is one of those times, because today I'm doing some linky action (as a starter) to Prego, who, on the occasion of his birthday, offers up some funny. Go say hey to Prego, won't you? I promise you won't be disappointed....

And while you're at it, feel free to tell me how HILARIOUS the title of this post is.


All right then, where were we?

Oh yes, we've had starters, now it's time for a mache of blues, accompanied by a glass of sparking whine:

When you last heard from your intrepid girl reporter Tiff, she was wallowing in some kind of massive brain funk in which the weight of the universe was resting squarely on her shoulders and she was not at ALL happy with that turn of events.

You will be happy to know that Tiff was able to relieve herself of that burden by the application of several servings of bourbon and a very good night's sleep and is back to her normal ebullient self.

Yay, Tiff! Way to snap back!

Therefore, because it's apparent to Tiff that she needs to capitalize on her bipolarisms, the remainder of this post will be nothing but silly. Maybe not funny, or relevant, but GOD knows it's not going to be self-indulgent claptrap like was spewed yesterday (LATE!, so late!). One can only take so much of that, after all.


Herein I offer the main course, a melange of tapas-like odds and ends (and terribly terribly redundantly repititious description) chosen to whet your appetite for the tasty bits:

Politician-in-bikini photos raises French eyebrows

And I'll just bet that's not ALL that was raised. Nudge nudge wink wink...

Moderate earthquake rocks Mexico City

The right- and left-wing earthquakes couldn't make quorum and didn't show up.

Retail sales rebound in July

The service sector went in for the dunk.

Tips for coping with travel

I got a tip fo' ya. RELAX. Dude, you're TRAVELLING! You're not at WORK!

Grab an overpriced beer at the terminal bar and bum a smoke from the pudgy salesman next to you and start talking shit. Make up a name and profession, adopt a funny accent, walk with a limp if ya wanna, and have a ball! Jeez! These peopel aren't ever going to see you again, so have at it.

Also, another tip - in all likelihood there will be STORES where you're going, so unless you're foolish enough to pack your meds in a checked bag and it gets lost, you're COOL, man. Just take a taxi to the Mall once you land and replace your undies and toothbrush and PJs with new stuff! There's not NEED to pack a bag that weighs a zillion pounds when there are stores all over this great globe.

And if you're going to a place where there aren't stores all over? Chances are excellent that the people there are not going to notice you're wearing the same pair of pants 3 days in a row or maybe don't have such great minty-freshness to your exhalations. I'm just sayin', is all.

Bill would help study of ancient remains

if only he wasn't allergic to dust.


And now, links to some very silly fluff as your dessert, and I'm out:

And for the kappa kappa psis out there:



Rick said...

I represented your drove as best I was able... Prego is funny, but only thinks he is old. And your politician-in-bikini headline reminded me of the headline of the week "Hiliary Clinton's Bust on Display at the Museum of Sex" (worth a Google, if you haven't already).

tiff said...

rick - I think the artist responsible for the bust was being a little,,,ehhh, generous. :>

Thanks for the representin'at Prego's. He's got a ways to go before Old sets in, but at least he's training for it.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing but silly?" You? But you're so serious!

Visiting here from Michele's -- glad she sent me your way. I've never been here before -- hee hee!!!

Yaeli said...

I love your travel tips!!! It is so true about the no stores = not caring about how many times you wear your clothes. A girl I lived with in Vanuatu wore the same skirt almost everyday that we were there... for 3 months!!! The gross bit is that I don't think she washed it the whole time either!
Michele sent me today.

tiff said...

WN - only you would know. SEEERiously.

Yaeli - 3 months is a bit much. Wasn't there a stream or something?
Wait - vanuatu - are we talking survivor here?

verniciousknids said...

Michele sent me today...thanks for all the great links to check out!

Kim said...

I love your style! Looking at the sites was fun, too.

Here via Michele!

Beth said...

I read you without clicking on any of the links. Is that wrong? Haha.

Prego said...

thanks for the plug & the visit.


tiff said...

VK - you're welcome

Kim - thanks!

beth - linky action is simply a great way to waste time. :> Buut do go see Prego, please.

Prego - my pleasure!